Blogmas day 5! – A festive mani and a tiny black friday haul!

Hello beautiful people!
Hopefully you had a lovely evening last night and today is treating you well.
Today is my mom’s birthday! So Mom if you’re reading this post Happy Birthday! We’re all going out for dinner tomorrow night as a family but I still wanted to do something nice on her actual birthday so I picked her up some flowers, so when she comes home from work she’ll have a little surprise.

My advent calendars were kind to me as always today.
The polish that came out today looked absolutely divine, so I just had to paint my nails with it! It’s a gorgeous coppery red with gold shimmer in it, which is so great for this time of year! I really love this colour and think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it this season.

Today’s Christmas movie was Love Actually which I watched while I was painting my nails, it is such a cute Christmas movie with a great message. I love all the story lines and how each one connects with the other somehow, if you haven’t seen this you need to!

Also the one black Friday (online) purchase I made came in the mail yesterday and I have to say I was super excited to open it. It came from Aerie which is American Eagles sister company that makes lingerie and sleepwear, they actually have some incredible deals online right now so I would suggest looking into it if you need some cute gifts or new PJ’s.
On black Friday they had buy one get one free pajama bottoms so obviously I had to order a couple of pairs of winter/Christmas ones. The red ones are my favourite because they have little racoons on them which are super cute! And of course polar bears are adorable with little bow ties.

Their panties were 10 for 30 with is an amazing deal and I don’t know if you guys know this but aerie makes the cutest Christmas underwear so I ended up with 10 pairs of themed panties.

A huge bonus was if you spent over 50 dollars you got a free throw blanket and a tote bag, the blanket is actually quite a large size and it’s super soft. I also just love the navy with the white polka dots, and really who doesn’t love a free blanket?

The tote is HUGE and has the hashtag #Aeriereal on it because they no longer alter the photos of their models on their ads which I think is great, being someone who isn’t stick thin I always appreciate seeing a regular sized model on ads and in commercials.

Not the most exciting post but everyone needs a nice lazy day in once and a while.
Let me know what some of your black Friday purchases were and what your favourite nail polish is for this time of year!
Until tomorrow,