November Topbox!

Hello beautiful people!
I haven’t done a Topbox post in a while so I figured it was about time, especially since my November box was quite a good’un!

First thing I need to rave about is the UniqOne all in one hair treatment ($19.95 full size). This is a spray in product that you can apply to damp or dry hair, and it’s said to do 10 different things to your hair; from repairing damage to heat protection to adding body! and let me tell you it does all it says on the bottle and BONUS is that it’s owned by Revlon, which is one of my all-time favourite drugstore brands. I applied it to my damp hair after showering and I could feel a difference instantly, once I blow dried my hair it was like I had just walked out of the salon! My hair looked and smelled incredible. I will definitely be picking up the full size of this baby because my hair has never looked better at home!

I’m a huge fan of the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, so when I saw the Flawless Future caplet serum ($72 full size) in this month’s box I was pretty jazzed. This stuff looks so beautiful in the bottle and pumps out onto your hand looking quite “mother of pearl” esque,I’ve only used this a couple of times but so far I’m really liking it. The caplets have a little bit of shimmer to them which does come out on your skin, but once you apply your moisturizer it just creates a really nice radiance which comes through even after you’ve applied your foundation. This serum absorbs really quickly and feels slightly tacky on the skin for a minute or two which I don’t mind because again once you apply your moisturizer it’s totally fine. Like I said, I’ve only used this a couple of times so I can’t go in depth on benefits and what not, but I do like it so far although the price is a little high for me. Let me know if you use this and what you think!

I was excited to see an Eyeko product because I’ve heard such great things about this line. I got the Black magic mascara ($24 full size) which is supposed to add drama and curl to your lashes, which it absolutely does. The formula of this baby is incredible! It separates and adds volume without clumping. It says it’s slightly waterproof so it’s still easy to get off but it doesn’t budge at all; no flaking or printing! I’ll definitely be reaching for this for the next few weeks.

I saved my least favourite for last, I’ve used the Benefit beauty stay flawless 15 hour primer ($38 full size) before and I’m really not a fan of it. I don’t like that it comes in a stick, and I find it quite tacky on my skin, I also find my foundation doesn’t layer nicely on top of it so this is a bit of a thumbs down for me. I’m sure there are tons of people who love this! It’s just not for me.

That’s everything I got in my November Topbox! Let me know if you guys have tried these!
Also I wanted to let you know that for the month of December I’m going to be doing “Blogmas” which is my own little version of “vlogmas” since I don’t have a YouTube channel yet. I’ll be blogging every day until the 25th just keeping you updated on what I’m getting up to, as well as opening my Ciate Mini Manor Month nail polish advent calendar AND I’m challenging myself to watch a Christmas movie a day until the 25th as well! So I’ll be posting about all the festive stuff I’m getting up to.

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August Topbox!

Hello beautiful people! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and you’re enjoying this fabulous Sunday whatever it is you may be getting up to.
Last week I got my August topbox in the mail which is always exciting, because I absolutely love getting mail.
When you’re subscribed to topbox they actually e-mail you a few weeks before they send them out and ask you to set a wish list, which is normally for a box that is sponsored by one specific brand, so for August I picked the Benefit topbox on my wish list and actually received it! which is awesome because I really wanted to try out a couple of these products.
This benefit topbox was “They’re real” themed as they’ve recently brought out a few new products in that range, so I was quite interested to see what those were like since they they’re real mascara is such a smash hit internationally.
Speaking of which I did receive a sample of the they’re real mascara and to be honest this is not my favourite but I do enjoy using it for long days or nights out because the formulation does really stay put without flaking or smudging! In terms of length I do find it to be quite a nice product but it definitely clumps in my lashes, which is not a look I’m a fan of for everyday use. I also find it to be quite expensive at 29$ for a full size so I’ll probably just keep using the samples I get (I have about 5).

Next I got the they’re real remover which I wasn’t the biggest fan of. I don’t really like cream eye make-up removers to begin with and I found this one to really smudge product around making even more of a mess all over my face as opposed to nicely removing it without too much smudging. It does break down eye liner and mascara well though, it’s gentle and doesn’t tug, I just put some on a cotton pad and held it on my eyes for about 30 seconds and then started to gently wipe away all my eye make-up, it just smudged it a lot which I found annoying. If you like cream eye make-up removers this is probably a great product for you, but I think I’ll stick to my liquid one from shoppers drug mart which is also a lot cheaper as this one is $22.

I am a huge fan of the urban decay primer potion and had never really tried any other primer but I was pleasantly surprised with the benefit stay don’t stray eye primer. It has a doe foot applicator making it easy to apply, and a nice creamy formula that isn’t too sticky. I got sent the colour medium deep which is a little dark, I would probably pick up the lighter one if I was going to purchase a full size ($30). The cool thing about this is that you can use it under your eyes to set your concealer as well to keep it from creasing which is why I would want the lighter shade, but for my lids this sample was perfectly fine. I used this and went out for about 8 hours and when I got home I didn’t have a single crease in my shadow so I was truly impressed and may be picking this up when I run out of my primer potion. Huge thumbs up to this baby.

Last I got the new benefit they’re real push up liner which I was very anxious to try as everyone has been talking about it ($29). It’s a little bit odd at first because it’s a gel formula but it comes out of this little rubber tip which is supposed to mould to the shape of your eye making it easier to apply. The sample is quite small so I found it hard to use because the sample is so small and when you “push it up” it comes out in a glob so I found I was putting a blob on the back of my hand and sort of dabbing the applicator into it and then applying the liner to my lid which is a lot of effort for something like this. The formula is gorgeous though, the liner is matte black and super smudge proof which is great if you’re wearing it all day/night, I hope that with the full size product it’s easier to hold but I found it pretty hard to navigate. If the actual liner came in a pot I would be more inclined to buy it and use it with a brush, but I’m definitely not going to give up and keep using the sample to see if I can get the hang of it because the gel liner itself is gorgeous.

That’s everything I got in my August Benefit topbox, let me know in the comments if you guys have used any of these products and have any tips or tricks.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!
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My February Topbox!

Hello beautiful people! Yesterday I received my February Topbox, if you’re not sure what Topbox is, it’s a sample service similar to Birchbox or Glossybox. It’s around 13$ a month and you get 4 or 5 samples of different beauty products! They also promote wish list boxes, where you can pick a box that has one specific brand as opposed to different samples from different brands that come in the regular Topbox.
February was my second month receiving a Topbox, in January I got my wish list top box which was a Benefit Cosmetics box, I wasn’t OVERLY impressed with that box as I had tried most of the products it came with, but it was nice to get some travel/handbag sized versions of a few of my favourite benefit products.
This month I received the regular Topbox with came with 4 products as well as a coupon!

First thing was a full sized Essie nail polish which is called Head Mistress and it’s a gorgeous red polish. I like this one because it’s not dark red like the colours that were really trendy throughout the holidays and winter months, but this is a light enough red that it will be really cute to wear for the rest of the winter and going into spring before pastel colours become really popular.

Next was a So Susan lip & cheek sublime stain. I had never heard of this brand before getting this box so I did a little bit of research. They’re a company from the UK that primarily focus on anti-aging skin care and cosmetics, I’ll link their website at the bottom of the post if you’re interested in checking out their products. I wore this lip stain today and it’s a really gorgeous pink colour that has great stain power and has lasted pretty much all morning. It’s got a really buttery texture and is nice and hydrating as well. It says on the packaging that it’s hypoallergenic, and it is fragrance free so If you’re sensitive this product is great. I definitely think this is going to be a handbag must throughout spring and summer for me.

This product is not something that is new to me but I am so stoked to have a smaller size of it! And it’s the Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream. I have the jar of this on my bed side table and I apply this EVERYWHERE I have dry skin, I put it on my lips before I go to bed when they’re feeling really chapped and dry, and I wake up with the softest lips ever. The Topbox came with the original formula that has a pretty distinct smell, but you can get a hold of a fragrance free version. A lot of people don’t like the smell of the original but I don’t mind it, you can find this cream in so many different sizes and forms which I think is pretty cool. This is definitely taking a permanent place in my purse for the rest of the cold months!

The final product I got in my box was an Epic Blend lip balm in the Hemp Coconut flavour. This stuff smells like a Pina Colada, it’s so delicious, just makes me want to eat it all. I had never heard of this brand either, so again I did my research, I believe they’re a North American company as their prices are in dollars on their website.
I’ve worn this a couple of times and I do find it’s very moisturizing, and like I said it smells divine. The cool thing about these lip balms is that they have so many different kinds; they have a hemp line, a vegan line, and an intensive moisture line. The flavours they offer are cool as well; they have hemp chocolate rum, or a vegan pineapple mint. I’ll add the link at the bottom of the post and you can check them out! Over all I’m really excited to continue using this as my day to day lip balm and maybe purchase some other ones!
My box also came with a 25% off coupon for Epic Blend which is a nice touch for when I want to try some other flavours.
So that’s everything I got in my February Topbox, let me know in the comments if you want me to do a breakdown of these every month or if you’re subscribed to a sample service that you’re absolutely loving!
until next time, xoxo

**Just a little disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post and all my opinions are my own**