Blogmas day 14! – A Christmas slumber party part 2!

Hello beautiful people!
Last night was such an incredible evening! It was so lovely getting to catch up with friends from college and enjoy their company.
My friend Rachel hosted it, and she went all out making her place look festive and wonderful!

We had a secret Santa that got slightly X-rated, but it was all in good fun.

There were a few shenanigans that may have involved a human pyramid, but aside from that it was a lovely night full of laughs, life talks, jokes and these wonderful ladies.
It’s night’s like last night that really make me appreciate the people I have in my life, and that even though we all live in different cities we all make an effort to see each other. Which to me is really what counts in a friendship, when no matter how much time goes by you still want to see those people, and these ladies are people I will always make an effort to see, because each of them is beautiful and amazing.

I got home early this afternoon and decided just to have a chilled out day, because we were up quite late last night!
But of course I opened my advent calendars!

I’m going to watch The Snowman as my Christmas movie tonight. I don’t know if a lot of people know this movie, it’s quite short and it’s narrated by David Bowie, other than that there’s no talking in the film. Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen this movie!

Sorry this is a short one!
I hope you all had a beautiful weekend,
Until tomorrow

Blogmas day 13! – A christmas Slumber Party!

Hello beautiful people!
I hope you had a wonderful Friday whatever you got up to!
Carmen and I went to the Toronto Christmas market in our distillery district. It was gorgeous, there were lights everywhere and a giant tree!
It was very crowded, lots of people bumping into me, long lines for food and other things. Aside from that it was fun and festive, I don’t do very well in big crowds so I had a bit of anxiety, but once we found somewhere to sit down and enjoy our treats I was okay.

Today I got a full sized kinder surprise in my advent calendar and a beautiful deep teal polish which is one of my favourite colours.

Tonight my roommates from college and I are all getting together for a Christmas slumber party!
I’m so excited to see all my girls and exchange secret Santa gifts and catch up!
I thought I’d show you guys what I was going to pack with me to stay in Hamilton.

Skincare obviously, hopefully I won’t have had too many drinks to wash my make-up off but just in case I’m bringing:
Simple wipes
Purity cleanser
Bioderma cleansing water
Origins high potency night-a-mins
Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate
Origins eye doctor eye cream
Origins gin-zing eye cream
Origins A perfect world moisturizer
My tooth brush & some tooth paste
Cotton rounds

I’m going to bring some cute pj’s obviously, and my outfit for the next day.

In terms of make-up I think I’m just going to bring mascara, because depending how my head is feeling in the morning I don’t think I’m going to need a full face of make-up for the drive home.

Before I leave I’m going to watch one of my favourite Christmas movies, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer! This has been one of my favourite’s since I was little!

I’ll try to take some pictures tonight to post for tomorrow so you can see what me and my girlfriends got up to, it will all depend how much fun we’re having and who is okay with being on my blog.

I hope you guys have a spectacular Saturday!
Until tomorrow my loves,