Skin Care Empties

Hello beautiful people! and Happy New Year!

I cannot believe how quickly 2o16 flew by! It was a wonderful year, I had some up’s and down’s but I think they made me a stronger, and wiser person.

I’m hoping 2017 is going to be an incredible year! Carmen and I are looking to buy our first home and I have a few resolutions I’m trying my hardest to keep (4 days in – so far so good) which include blogging A LOT more – so I think 2017 will be full of lovely memories and lovely people.

I have a problem with hoarding products (I’m sure I’m not the only beauty junkie out there with this issue.. right?) but when Carmen and I decided to start looking for a home, obviously we sat down and crunched some numbers, and I have to say, I spend a bit too much money on beauty products – hair care, skin care, make up, etc. So, I promised myself I would use up all the products I have before buying anything new.
Let me tell you, this is not an easy thing to do when all these beautiful new products are launching, or I’m wandering through shoppers drug mart and see something I’ve never tried before, but I’m doing my best and managed to get through some of the things in my collection.


The Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel ($51.00 CAD)
This has got to be one of the nicest cleansers I have ever used on my skin.
It doesn’t foam up like a cream cleanser does, it just suds up a tiny bit and leaves my skin feeling super fresh, without being stripped or tight.
I use this with my Clarisonic at night for a deeper cleanse, and I use it in the morning just with my hands for a gentle and lovely refresh.
This product is quite expensive for a cleanser, but you only need a pea sized amount for your entire face! To be completely honest, my skin has never looked as clear and decongested as it did when I was using this. Once I use up my other cleansers I am definitely repurchasing this baby.



Origins Modern Friction ($50.00 CAD)
This is probably one of the first exfoliators I ever purchased, the formula is gentle but very effective. It uses Rice Starch to get the dead skin and grime off the skin, and is infused with lemon oil to leave your skin looking fresh and illuminated.
It smells absolutely amazing, and has quite a thick and sticky consistency which means you only need a little bit. I use this on my skin while it’s dry to get a bit of a deeper exfoliation, and then wet my hands and massage it into a creamy lather before rinsing it off.
One thing I do not like about this product is that it hurts like a b if you get it in your eye so be extra careful!



Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Skin Brightening Exfoliator ($36.00 CAD)
Apparently I have a real thing for scrubs!
This product is meant to brighten the skin and make pores look smaller. To be honest, I can’t say I notice a massive difference using this or the Origins one, aside from the consistency of this is less thick and more gel like, so if you’re looking for something slightly less expensive I would go for this one. It uses White Bark Extract to promote collagen turn over in the skin, as well as peony extract to brighten and leave your skin feeling hydrated and fresh.
Especially now that the weather is colder, and we’ve all finished binging on sweets and delicious holiday food, I definitely think my skin could use a pick me up and I will for sure be repurchasing this one.



Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist ($42.00CAD)
Honestly, I was incredibly disappointed with this mist. It smells aggressively like roses, which I probably should have expected, but my sister kept making a joke that my face smelled like a grandma. I also really didn’t notice any kind of change in my skin, it’s said to balance, hydrate and condition the skin for your other skin care products, but I didn’t notice any of that aside from MAYBE a bit of hydration. I used the whole bottle because I paid for it, but I don’t think I’ll be picking this up again, I much prefer my Saje Natural Wellness Skin Fitness Toner which is only $20.00.



Origins Eye Doctor Eye Cream ($44.00CAD)
The price of these seems high, but this little bottle lasted me over a year! As far as eye creams go, I don’t think you can get much better than this little guy. It smells like cucumbers, has a lovely creamy consistency that doesn’t leave your under eye area looking like a greasy mess, sits beautifully under make up and hydrates like a dream.
In winter my eyes water like crazy, and I tend to get really dry in the outer corners which is so annoying, but after discovering Eye Doctor, I no longer suffer with that issue. If you have dry skin around your eyes, or are generally just looking for something luxurious for such a sensitive area of the face I would 100% suggest picking this up, or getting a sample from your local Sephora.



Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate($54.00CAD)
I have definitely rambled about this before so I won’t stay here too long. BASICALLY, this is the loveliest oil ever. It smells absolutely divine and leaves my skin feeling nourished, brightened and healthy. This was my second bottle, and you better believe I’ll be buying my third! I ran out of this mid-December and I’ve already noticed my skin changing without it – my complexion is already looking a little uneven and dull which tells you how effective this stuff is.

That’s all for now my loves, I hope 2017 is being kind to you so far.
Until next time,




My Favourite Fall/Winter Face Masks!

Hello beautiful people!
I hope you all had a lovely and safe Halloween! I can’t believe we’re already in November, Christmas is next month!! 2015 is just flying by.

Speaking of November, it’s gotten quite cold here in Toronto, so I’ve had to adjust my skin care routine a little bit, and I find I’m definitely using a lot more face masks.
With the cold weather comes comfort food, sweet treats, sugary drinks, which are all delicious and festive – but I find my skin has a tendency to break out from all the treats, look duller and uneven because of the lack of vitamin D, and I also tend to use more full coverage products throughout fall/winter. Basically my skin has been a nightmare these passed couple of months, and I found that these 5 face masks have really helped me turn it around!

First is the GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment ($76)
I’m pretty sure I’ve raved about this a million times, but it’s honestly a product I can say is 100% worth the hype and the money. I have combination skin, so I find that I get quite a lot of black heads and spots throughout my t-zone and this masks literally just pulls them all out and makes my skin look and feel amazing. This is a mud/charcoal mask that is meant to draw impurities from the skin while exfoliating and improving the texture of your skin. It applies this dark grey colour, and it has the famous GlamGlow tea leaves in it, but it dries down this bright white colour. Once it dries you can literally see all the pores it’s pulled toxins from, which sounds disgusting, but honestly makes me feel like the product is worth the money because you can literally see it working. It does tingle a little bit, and sometimes I find my skin purges for a couple of days, but all in all this mask has shrunk the look of my pores and reduced my breakouts a ton! I use this once or twice a week depending on the state of my skin, but if you have dry or normal skin you could use this only when you needed it. I know it’s expensive, but Christmas is coming and this could be a lovely present from Santa ;)!

Next is Origins Original Skin Retexturizing mask ($30)
This is also a clearing mask that is clay based, but this also has little exfoliating beads in it to help resurface your skin, making it feel soft and smooth. This mask is meant to deep clean while also restoring a nice skin texture and brightening your complexion, I like to use this when I don’t feel like my skin is bad enough to need the GlamGlow, but I just want a nice pick me up. It goes on a cute baby pink and dries down the same colour, as you wash it off you’re supposed to rub the beads into your skin for a deeper exfoliation. Honestly this mask leaves my skin feeling baby soft, and really does brighten up the look of my complexion. Foundation applies beautifully after I use this mask which is always a bonus. This one is definitely a more budget friendly option, and would be great for any skin type except maybe dry, as I did find a bit of tightness in my skin after using this, but a heavier moisturizer after use would probably remedy that. I would definitely recommend giving this a go if you have sensitive skin, or are new to face masks, or even if you’re not, it’s just a great product.

Sometimes my skin gets really sensitive and red and irritated from the cold weather, and using too many exfoliators (we’re all guilty of this right? it’s not just me… right?) So when my skin needs soothed and babied, I reach for the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask ($28)
This mask is so thick and luxurious, with little bits of oatmeal in it to help nourish and sooth your skin. My sister has dry and sensitive skin – she uses this all the time, and she absolutely loves it. It really does make your skin feel soft and nourished and really pampered. This is a good one to slather on while you’re in the bath or watching TV, it says to leave it on for 10 minutes but I’ve definitely gotten away with 15-20 before and it was fine. Again, the price point is great so if you’re just looking to pamper you’re skin I would suggest giving this a go.

Another luxurious and pampering product is the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask ($30)
This is another really thick and lovely mask, which smells absolutely divine. It smells a little bit citrusy and fresh, so amazing. The great part about this mask is that a little bit goes a long way, so you’re definitely getting your monies worth, and it’s really hydrating. Even though I have slightly oily skin, I like to use this once a week to give my skin a bit of a plump up and a nice drink. I wake up in the morning with softer and suppler skin because the product has been soaking into my skin all night. I even use this on my hands when they get super dry, I’ll leave it on for a TV show or something – wash my hands, and they feel so much softer. A good valued, multi-use product!

Last is the GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment ($76)
This is one of the best hydrating masks I’ve ever used, and it smells like coconut heaven. This is literally a pina-colada in a jar. Again, it has all the fancy GlamGlow science behind it, but it’s packed full of HydraClay which traps and retains moisture in the skin. You can apply a thin layer and allow it to absorb for as long as you like, and then wipe off the excess, or you can apply it before bed and use it as an overnight mask. I like to use this when I’m flying, because there’s nothing worse than getting dry skin from pressurized and recycled air from a plane. I wore this when my mom and I went to Texas last year, which is a 3 and a half hour flight and my skin was amazing the whole trip, and since this applies relatively sheer, no one really notices you’re wearing a mask. If you haven’t tried this, I would give it a try, especially if you have dry skin!

That’s it for now my loves,
until next time,

The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash Review

Hello beautiful people!
How has your week been going so far? hopefully you’ve all been doing exciting things, and enjoying July to the fullest! I cannot believe we’re already at the end of the month! Where is the summer going?! Although I do love the end of July because my birthday is the 26th!

Now speaking of summer, despite the lovely weather, clothes and food; there are a few things about the hotter weather I don’t enjoy. Bugs, humidity and worst of all getting back and shoulder pimples.
Not the cutest subject, I know, but it’s something that I suffer with, especially in the summer time because I’m sweating more often. It really bums me out, because I want to wear dresses and tops with no sleeves – but I feel self conscious about my back/shoulder break outs, so this summer I finally decided to go out and try to find something to help with my problem.

The Body Shop Tea Tree body wash is literally a god send, I’ve been using this for about 2 and a half weeks and let me tell you, I’ve been wearing strappy tops like no ones business! this body wash has helped clear up my back and shoulders so fast, I can’t even explain.

I use this only on my shoulders and back when I’m in the shower (and use a different wash for the rest of me) but every time I use it my break outs look smaller, less red, it’s even helped reduce some of the scarring I had on my back! It smells pleasant like tea tree oil, and doesn’t foam up too much which I like – I just use this with my hands and run it along my shoulders and then sort of contort myself and hope I don’t slip and fall in the shower while I try to get my whole back haha!

I did notice a bit of a worse break out period when I first starting using this, for about the first week, but I figured my skin was just purging toxins so I stuck it out for another week and I’m so glad I did! This product is so effective and so affordable! I believe it’s only about $13! you can’t go wrong with that!
If you suffer with break outs anywhere on your body, I would definitely suggest giving this body wash a try!

Until next time my loves

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Product Empties!

Hello beautiful people, and happy Sunday! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend, and that you’re spending today relaxing.

I recently ran out a few products and thought it was as good a time as any to write an empties post! These are all things I love and would definitely re-purchase (if I haven’t already) after I go through the products I’m using now.

First are the Living Proof PHD (perfect hair day) shampoo and conditioner, honestly these are the best I’ve ever used. My hair feels healthier, softer, stronger and less damaged! They are very pricey at $30 each, but they’re formulated so that you don’t have to wash your hair as often, and if I’m being totally honest, I only wash my hair twice a week anyway so I find they last me quite a while. If you’re the kind of person who has to wash their hair everyday, these may not be for you – or you could buy them and only use them once or twice a week to give your hair a bit of a treatment. These in combination with the PHD 5-in-1 leave in treatment has literally transformed my thin and damaged hair, so I think it goes without saying that I’ve already re-purchased these babies.

Next is the Origins A Perfect World moisturizer. This is a great, light weight day time moisturizer that I’ve probably been using for about 2 years – its got white tea in it which is full of anti-oxidants, and it protects your skin from the free radicals in the polluted air. It’s very hydrating, with a nice scent and make up blends seamlessly over it, right now I’m using a Kate Somerville cream because I wanted to try something new, but I will definitely be re-purchasing this eventually.

Another Origins product I ran out of shortly after the moisturizer is the Gin-zing eye cream. This a great one for puffiness and dark circles. It’s formulated with caffeine to really help brighten and tighten, and the cream itself has a bit of a shimmer to it which creates a glow that makes you look more awake. I’m using the Origins Eye Doctor cream at the moment for night and day, but I may re-purchase this for the fall when my dark circles tend to get a little worse.

This next one is a bit boring, but we all need body-wash right? The Aveeno hydrating body wash is a really nice one. It left my skin feeling soft, hydrating and smelling really nice, I also found that the bottle was a lot larger than the average one you find in the drugstore, so it seemed to last me longer. I’m not sure that I’ll re-purchase this anytime soon, just because I tend to just buy what’s on sale.

The Kiehl’s Calendula foaming cleanser is a product that I’ve already re-purchased because I find it agrees very well with my skin. It doesn’t dry me out or irritate me, and it’s gentle enough that I can use it with my clarisonic. If you have combination – oily skin I would recommend giving this a try, the calendula extract in it actually has healing properties, so if you suffer from break outs the cleanser alone can help with them – I noticed a big difference in my skin when I started using this!

The final product is definitely the one I’m most upset to be out of, the Glam Glow Supermud clearing treatment is by far the best detoxifying mask I’ve ever used. I was lucky enough to find this pot on sale at winners, because other wise this stuff is super expensive (although, my birthday is in a couple of weeks, so I’m hoping to get some Sephora gift cards) but either way I will definitely be picking up another one, because I think my skin would suffer without it. If you haven’t used this before, you absolutely need to, it makes a difference in your skin in one use, and the pot lasts you a long time because you only need a very thin layer all over your face – you can even use it as a spot treatment for bad blemishes and pimples.

Those are all my empties for now, let me know if you’ve used some of these products or if you want to see more of these posts.
Until next time my loves,
-Lo Haul #4 – VIB Rouge Sale part 2

Hello beautiful people!
How has your week been so far? Only two more days until Friday!! I’m definitely finding that since I started working, the weeks are going by much faster!

As promised, this is the second and smaller half of my VIB Rouge Sale haul!

First I’ll get the re-purchase out of the way! You guys all know how much I love the new Origins Original Skin serum ($48).
This is definitely one of the best serum’s I’ve ever used, after this one bottle, I’ve absolutely noticed a difference in my skin; The tone is brighter, the texture is smoother and my make up applies beautifully! I’ve droned on and on about this before, but I’m just so happy to see a serum formulated for ladies in their 20’s and 30’s.

Next I picked up one of the new Boscia Hydrogel masks ($10), there are three kinds, but I chose the charcoal pore-minimizing one. These are one time use, two piece sheet masks which makes these quite expensive, but since I had 15% off, I figured I would try it out. I haven’t used it yet, but I’ll keep you guys posted!

Finally, I bought one of the Stila Eye’s Are the Window palette’s in the shade Soul ($59). I’ve heard such good things about these, so I thought I’d add this one to my collection! I definitely went for the most neutral palette, but they do have brighter ones.
This palette has 5 matte shades, 6 shimmer shades, and one glittery shade. They have great pigmentation and they blend together really well – I did find the glittery shade slightly chalky, but that’s the only one that disappointed me.
I swatched them top to bottom starting from the left row to the right.
This is a great palette, you could create all sorts of looks with this baby! The packaging is cute and compact, which will make it easy to travel with.
Also, it has an adorable plastic insert with a lovely quote.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these!
Until next time,

My Evening Skin Care Routine!

Hello beautiful people & happy Wednesday! We’re half way to the weekend!

Since my last post was my morning skin care routine, I figured it was only right to do my evening skin care routine as today’s post!

I like to start by taking off my make-up (if I was wearing any that day) because there’s nothing worse than trying to properly cleanse your skin with a full face of make up on.
I use bioderma cleansing water ($33) to take off my face make up, I find this super effective and gentle on the skin. It doesn’t strip away any moisture, and doesn’t cause any break outs which is always a bonus!
I use this Clean and Clear Eye Make-up Remover ($6.99), because I find it’s more effective at removing any and all make up from my eyes, including waterproof mascara!

After I’ve taken all the make up off the surface of my skin, I like to use my Kiehl’s Calendula cleanser ($35) and my clarisonic Aria ($230). Using these together deep cleans my skin and leaves it feeling soft and supple!
Some night’s I’ll use an exfoliator, like Kate Somerville Exfolikate or Origins Modern Friction, but that’s only a couple of times a week when I really want to give my skin a nice treatment.

Once I’ve cleansed, I use my Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate ($50), which is a blend of essential oils meant to hydrate, heal and protect your skin. This serum smells amazing, like lavender and vanilla, and even though it’s an oil, you’re skin doesn’t feel greasy at all. Since I’ve been using this, I’ve really noticed an improvement in the tone and texture of my skin!

I usually let that sink in for a couple of minutes, I’ll go and brush my teeth, and then I’ll come back and put my night cream on, and I bet you guys can guess, I use the Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins ($51)! Surprise surprise, more Origins!
I’ve been using this for a little over a year now, and I love it so much! It’s quite a thick cream, which absorbs into your skin while you sleep, and you wake up with the softest, smoothest, prettiest skin! It also smells like oranges, which is absolutely lovely.

Last but not least, I throw on the Origins Eye Doctor eye cream ($40.50), which smells like cucumbers and hydrates the under eye area like a dream.
I find in the colder months my eyes water, and then the skin gets really dry and sometimes even cracks, but when I started using this eye cream, that went away completely! Also, I feel like this pot will last me a long time because it has a light consistency, so a little goes a long way.

There you go! My evening skin care routine! Let me know in the comments if you’ve used any of these products, or if you have any other recommendations!
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Until next time,

My Morning Skin Care Rountine!

Hello beautiful people! Hopefully the weather where you are is as sunny and gorgeous as it’s been here in Canada lately, I think spring has finally arrived!
I was reading through some of my old posts the other day, and I realized that I’ve never written a skin care routine post! So, without further ado, my morning skin care routine!

During the day, I don’t like to have a lot of heavy products on my skin; I typically reserve products that are geared more towards treating and correcting my skin for the evening. All of these products are light weight; they smell really good, and provide protection and hydration for my skin throughout the day.
Let me just tell you guys that I have combination/oily skin, so I tend to get oily through my t-zone and break out in that area as well. So even though some of these products are amazing for me, they may not work with your skin type.

First, I cleanse with my Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash ($35). This is a really nice cleanser that lathers into thick foam, which really makes it feel like you’re cleansing your skin deeply, just like it says on the bottle. I’ve been using this since just before Christmas and I really like it, it’s gentle and effective and makes my skin feel really clean without drying it out.

Next I move on to my Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum with Willow Herb ($48), I recently mentioned this in a favourites post, so I won’t ramble on for too long about it. This serum has a gel like texture, so it sinks into the skin without feeling greasy, your skin feels soft as soon as you apply this, and over time I’ve really seen an improvement in the tone and texture of my skin.

The moisturizer I use is something that won’t be a shock to you if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, the Origins A Perfect World White Tea Antioxidant moisturizer ($51). I’ve been using this as my day cream for almost two years now and I love it, its super light-weight which allows a little to go a long way, it smells like oranges so it really wakes you up in the mornings. This product is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals, while adding a beautiful level of hydration. You can also get this cream with an SPF in it, but I prefer the regular formulation.

Last but not least is the Origins (Surprise, I really love origins!) Gin-Zing eye cream ($37.50). This cream really brightens and de-puffs the under eye area, it has a slight shimmer to it which reflects the light, and it hydrates really well without being too watery.

Make-up layers on top of these products beautifully as well!
This has been my morning skin care routine for a few months now and I’m noticing some great improvements in my skin!
Let me know if you’ve tried these or if you have and recommendations for my combo/oily skin! I’m always up for trying new products!
I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!
Until next time,
xoxo |

** Another photobomb, courtesy of my cat Woobie