Make up Anti-Haul

Hello beautiful people, I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the wonderful weather now that spring has finally sprung!

I noticed recently that some of my favourite YouTuber’s have been doing Make up Anti-Hauls (if you’re thinking Lo, what the heck is that?) allow me to explain. Basically an Anti-haul is where you talk about make up you AREN’T(that’s right) going to purchase and the reasons why, and lately there have been some launches that I just wasn’t interested in, so I thought this was the perfect time to write my first Anti-Haul post!

  • just a little disclaimer, these are just my reasons and opinions for not purchasing these products, if you love them and the work for you that’s amazing, these just aren’t my cup of tea. xx

make believe in yourself

First up we have the Tarte Make Believe in Yourself eyes and cheeks palette $52.00 CAD. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very pretty palette, I am very drawn to a couple of the shades, but for $52.00 I could buy a palette that has all the colours I love with a mix of shimmers and mattes. The formulation of this looks very sparkly, and there’s only 1 matte shade, so I feel like I would need to be using this along side some of my other shadows, which also makes me think this isn’t very travel friendly. I haven’t swatched this myself, but some of the reviews I’ve read mention that there’s quite a bit of fall out with this palette as well (something to think about) I just can’t see myself reaching for this, which is why I’m going to pass on this guy.


prismatic amethyst

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in prismatic Amethyst $46.00 CAD. People in the beauty community have been going nutso for this little guy, and to be honest, I’m just not into it. I LOVE the Becca shimmering Skin perfector’s, moonstone is a holy grail, but with this particular shade, I just can’t imagine where I would ever wear it. I know there are lots of ways I could use this, like as an eye shadow topper or a lip topper, but in my day to day that’s just not my style. I know the formulation of this is flawless, and the packaging is super cute, it’s just another one that I can’t see myself using.


natural love palette

Too Faced Natural Love Palette $69.00 CAD – I’m not going to lie, I want this – BUT I do not need another neutral palette in my life at the moment. This looks like a dream come true, not only because I love Too Faced as a brand, or because the packaging is heavenly, but because it has 30 gorgeous shades in it. I think the price is not bad for the number of shadow’s you’re getting, and the pan size looks decent, but again I do not need to spend the money on another neutral palette… I will say though… my birthday is in July.. for any of my close friends/family members reading this 🙂 


too faced highlighters

Last up are the Too Faced Love Light highlighter $38.00 CAD again,I wanted these – look at the embossing on them!! and the packaging is absolutely adorable. unfortunately, when I went into the store to look at them, there just wasn’t a shade that I thought suited my skin tone. The palest one is very cool toned and frosty, the gold is very gold and the champagne is a little too pink, none of them were the perfect fit. The formulation is gorgeous and silky, and will give you an incredible glow! I just decided to pass on these, which took a lot of will power.

Let me know in the comments if there are any items you’ve passed up on recently!

That’s all for now my loves,

until next time, xoxo



Make Up For Ever Nudes You Need Palette – Review & Swatches!

Hello beautiful people!
I trust you are all enjoying this beautiful Sunday! To all my fellow Torontonians, I hope you’ve all gone down to The Ex and filled yourself with deep-fried deliciousness, because I will definitely be doing that later this week!

Make Up For Ever is definitely not a brand that’s new to me, but to be honest, I’ve only tried a few things from them, and they were all complexion products. When I saw/swatched they new Artist Palettes in Sephora I just had to pick up the “Nudes You Need”(49$) one because I fell instantly in love.

The packaging of this palette is super sleek and cute, the lid just sort of flips up and the shadows are there. Since it’s so skinny I think it will be really easy to travel with, plus the lid has a nice big mirror in it which is also very handy when you’re traveling! The picture on the front is just the normal make up forever lips & brush which makes it a little edgy. The only thing that could be bad about this is that the black packaging will probably get all covered in fingerprints and other make up if you put it into a make up bag.


These shadows are so dreamy, I literally can’t think of a better word to describe them. They’re like touching silk or velvet, so soft and intensely pigmented. Look at that black shadow, that’s one swipe of my finger with the product on it!
All of the shades in the palette are shimmery or have a bit of glitter in them except for the black and the grey right above it, both of those are matte.
These blend together like butter and last all day long! I’ve used them with and without a primer and the colour stays the same, no fading or creasing of any kind! I’m kicking myself for never having tried these shadows before!
The colours in this palette are great if you love neutrals, and there’s a good variety of shades from white, to bronze, to slightly purple, which means it will compliment every skin tone and allow for a ton of different looks.

From left to right: ME-512, I-514, I-528, ME-644, D-562, S-556, D-652, I-544, S-102

I really wish Make Up For Ever named their shadows, that’s my only beef with them! It’s so much more fun when they have names, not to mention easier to remember.
The price of this palette is great for the 9 shadows you get, and with the pigmentation and formulation of these, I think it will take a long time to hit pan!
If you were eyeballing this, or are just looking for a new palette to pick up, I would highly suggest giving this one (or any MUFE shadows) a go!

Until next time my loves,

Ps. My good friend Monica just started her beauty blog! Go follow her, she takes beautiful photos and writes incredible reviews! 

Wet N’ Wild Palette Review!

Hello beautiful people!
I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend! I went out to celebrate my best friend Amber’s champagne birthday. It was so nice to spend an evening celebrating with her and all of the people closest to her!

Last week I was wandering around my local Rexall, and I noticed the Wet N’ Wild display was fully stocked, so obviously I had to take a look! I’ve heard great things about the Wet N’ Wild shadows but, I had never been able to get my hands on any, until now!

I picked up the palette 738 Comfort Zone, which comes with eight shadows.
The left side is very neutral, with the brow bone shade being a pale cream, the eyelid shade is a gorgeous pink-champagne, the crease shade is a deep brown, and the definer shade is a gorgeous cranberry-plum colour. This side would be great for an everyday look or, you could even smoke it out by using the two darkest shades!

The right side has more cool toned shadows, with the brow bone shade being almost a silvery-gold colour, the lid shade is a pale green (which to be honest I probably won’t use too often), the crease shade is a black with silver glitter particles, and the definer shade is my favourite in the palette. It’s a bronze-copper shade, but it has almost a blue iridescence to it, in the pan it looks slightly blue, but when it’s swatched it’s so incredible! This shade all over the lid would make for a very sexy look!

The great thing about this palette is if you’re just starting out, the shadows literally tell you where they need to be placed on the eye to achieve a gorgeous look but, if you’re a little more comfortable with shadows, obviously you can mix and match the shades to create whatever kind of look you want!

The consistency of these is honestly like butter, they are super smooth and velvety with great pigmentation for a drugstore product. They last a long time, especially with a primer underneath, and they blend really well, not to mention the price of this palette made my jaw drop. I paid $4.99 for this baby. $4.99! I can’t believe the quality of these based on the price, literally for the price of a latte you can have 8 incredible eye shadows, that will allow you to achieve countless looks!

If you see these in your local drugstore, I would highly recommend picking them up! Even as a gift for someone, because for that price you really can’t go wrong!
Let me know if you’ve tried these out, or any other recommendations you guys have!
Until next time,

Too Faced La Belle Carousel Review and Swatches!

Hello beautiful people and Happy New Year!
Hopefully you all had a safe and fun new year’s eve! I went to my sister Jen’s place for a small get together, where we ended up in an intense game of charades playing girls versus boys. After midnight Carmen and I headed to one of his friend’s houses and had a nice time chatting and catching up with some of his buddies.
2014 was an amazing year, but I’m super excited for what 2015 has to offer and all the goals I’m hoping to achieve!

For Christmas, Carmen got me the Too Faced La Belle Carousel (which I had been eyeing for ages), so I thought I’d review & swatch it for you guys!
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I am a massive fan of Too Faced as a brand, especially for face and eye products – and let me tell you this gift set did not disappoint in the quality department! Not to mention it has adorable packaging.

I love that it comes apart into 6 mini palettes, making them super easy to travel with or throw into your hand bag.

In this set you get 12 eye shadows, 2 bronzers, 2 blushes and a deluxe sample of the better than sex mascara – which you guys know I love!

The eye shadow palettes are beautiful – you get a couple more neutral options and then this gorgeous smoky silver and green option which I’m very excited to play with.
There’s a nice mix of matte, shimmer and glitter shades which makes this palette so easy to use for beginners or pro’s!

This is definitely the most neutral quad in the set, I love it because you can really achieve so many different looks with just these 4 shadows.
From left to right you have: Tuffed suede which is a matte cream colour, Angel hair which is a beautiful gold shimmer, Haute Chocolate which is a shimmery chocolate-brown colour, and Yule log which is a deep brown with flecks of gold glitter.

This quad is slightly more playful and girly with some pinks and purples. I love these for everyday, but again you could achieve so many different looks.
From left to right : Nutcracker which is a satin white, Nude beach which is a gorgeous gold-bronze with flecks of gold glitter,  Boxes & bows which is a shimmery coral, and Sugar plum fairy which is a deep purple with tiny flecks of silver glitter.

This quad is very sexy and smoky, I will definitely be wearing these on a night out soon!
From left to right: Frost which speaks for itself as a white with glitter, Tin solider is a gorgeous charcoal shimmer,  Christmas tree is a beautiful forest green shade with small flecks of green glitter, and Santa’s boots is a black shadow with blue glitter.
All of these shadows have gorgeous pigmentation and are incredibly buttery, so they blend out like magic.

Despite being part of the holiday set, this duo has intense summer colours. The bronzer is Sun Bunny Dark which is quite shimmery – I’ll definitely be wearing it in the warmer months to add some more colour to my face, but as for this time of year I think I’ll stick to my matte bronzer.
The blush is Luminous peach which looks really nice with my pale skin, I’ve worn this a couple of times already and really like the effect it gives!

This duo is right up my alley, the matte chocolate soleil bronzer is already a favourite of mine, and the blush Who’s Your Poppy? is a beautiful pink shade that I love wearing when I’m having a light make-up day.

I wont drone on about the mascara because I’ve already had it in a favourites post, but I am very excited to have a hand bag size to add to my collection!

All in all I’m so impressed with this set! Too Faced gets another huge thumbs up from Laura.
If you’ve never tried their stuff I would definitely suggest going to check it out, their products are cruelty free and incredibly easy to use no matter what you’re skill level is.
A huge thanks to my man for giving this to me – I am a very lucky lady indeed.

That’s it for today my loves!
Until next time,

Blogmas day 18! – A festive make-up look!

Hello beautiful people!
Tonight is my Christmas cookie decorating party! I’m so excited to see all my best girlfriends and enjoy some tasty treats.
I thought I’d share my make-up look with you guys because it’s definitely holiday party appropriate, and would be great for new years as well!
But first:

I wanted to incorporate glitter into tonights look, because really, if you can’t wear glitter to a Christmas party when can you?
and I definitely wanted to wear a red lip, so I went through my collection and this is the look I ended up with!

Products used for complexion:
Bobbi Brown long wear even finish foundation in the shade porcelain
Benefit boi-ing concealer in 01
Nars radiant creamy concealer in Chantilly
Make up forever HD loose powder
Sleek contour kit in light
Becca shimmering skin perfector in opal
MAC blush in cubic
Anastasia dip brow in soft brown

Products used for eyes:
Urban Decay primer potion
Too faced semi-sweet chocolate bar palette
Shades: Coconut crème all over the lid, mousse and truffled through the crease and outer corner, butter pecan for inner corner highlight and brow bone.
Kat Von D tattoo liner in trooper
Urban Decay heavy metal glitter liner in glam rock
Too faced better than sex mascara

Products used for lips:
Bite beauty lip crayon in pomegranate

I’m really happy with the way this look turned out! I definitely think I’ll be wearing this again throughout the holiday season!

Today’s movie was the Polar Express which I watched while I was getting ready! one of my holiday favourites, because I just love Tom Hanks.

Have a beautiful evening!
Until tomorrow,