The Top 5 Brushes I Think Everyone Should Have!

Hello beautiful people!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
I didn’t get up to too much. Carmen and I went out for dinner Friday night, which was absolutely delicious! Other than that we have a very relaxing couple of days!

Whether or not you’re just starting out with make-up, or if you’re a pro, there are five brushes I think everyone should have in their collection to achieve a gorgeous look!

1. A dense buffing brush
I personally prefer this kind of brush to apply foundation, because it really allows you to work the product into your skin. Doing this gives you a flawless look, as opposed to flat headed foundation brushes, which I think just sort of paint the product onto your skin, and then it just sits on top of your face.
These are two of my favourites, the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, and the #56 Sephora Pro Airbrush foundation brush.

2. A big powder brush
These kinds of brushes are great for multiple uses. You could use them for powder, blush, bronzer, or even powder foundation, and you can find this kind of brush in pretty much any price range.
I have the Real Techniques multi-tasker brush (what an appropriate name!) and the Sonia Kashuk powder brush.

3. A small headed contour/blush brush
I like to use this kind of brush to apply blush to the apples of my cheeks, also to contour. The small heads allows me to get under my cheek bones to add definition, and it also allows me to put my blush exactly where I want it.
I like to use the Sephora face contour brush for blush and the Real Techniques duo-fibre countour brush to contour.DSCN1491

4 . A fluffy blending brush/crease brush
I’m grouping this kind of brush in general, because they are absolutely amazing for 3 purposes. You can use these fluffy brushes to apply shadow all over the lid, to your crease, and to blend (with a clean brush, of course), which are the three keys to a beautiful eye make-up look.
I use the MAC 234 to apply shadow in the crease, the MAC 217 to apply shadow all over the lid, and the Sephora pro blending brush to blend.

5. An angled brush
These are such great brushes to have in your collection because they are so versatile, you can use these to apply brow products, gel eye liner, or powder along the lash line for definition.
My favourites are the MAC 266 and the Sephora slanted liner brush.

What I love about these brushes; is that each one of them could be used for multiple aspects of your look.
If you only had these 5 brushes, you could still achieve a beautiful, flawless make up look.
Let me know what you think!
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Blogmas day 10! – Cookies and make up brush cleaning!

Hello beautiful people!
Happy hump day! Friday is only two short days away, and Christmas is in 15 days! I honestly cannot believe how fast December is going by!

As always, advent wonderland
Today I actually got a loose glitter instead of a nail polish in my calendar which is so cool! You just sprinkle it into your nails while they’re wet and it adds this awesome effect to your manicure. I may use this for new years!

Today was a pretty good day, I was out with my dad all morning running presents out to our family who live outside the city, then we came home and I popped some Pillsbury cookies in the oven because my family really enjoys these.

Once I pulled those out of the oven I decided it was probably about time to give my make-up brushes a good deep clean, especially with the season of smoky eyes and glitter upon us!

I use baby shampoo to deep clean my brushes, not only does it make them incredibly soft, but they end up smelling really nice! It’s also a very cheap way to get nice clean brushes!

I usually just run the warm water and put some baby shampoo into my hand and swirl the brush around, then I’ll run it under water until it comes clean or add more baby shampoo if it’s necessary. The whole process normally takes me about 30-40 minutes depending how dirty my brushes are, and then I just set them on a towel to dry overnight.

Today’s movie is a childhood classic of mine starring Jessica Biel and Jonathan Taylor Thomas called I’ll be home for Christmas, this is definitely not the best movie I’ve ever seen but, it’s nostalgic for me so I enjoy watching it.

I hope your Wednesday evening is festive and amazing!
Until tomorrow,