TAG: The seven deadly sins of beauty!

Hello beautiful people!
I saw this post on For Vanity’s Sake’s blog and just had to do the tag because it seemed like so much fun! so here it is, my seven deadly sins of beauty.

Greed: What’s your most expensive beauty item?
Probably my Clarisonic! – This qualifies as beauty as it makes my skin lovely!

Wrath: What item do you have a strong love/hate relationship with?
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, it has the most gorgeous effect on the skin but they make such yellow colours that it only matches me in the summer!

Gluttony: What brand takes up most of your collection?
I’d have to say MAC cosmetics, have a bit of an addiction to their shadows and blushes

Sloth: What product do you ignore the most due to laziness?
Lipstick, I have so many in my collection but from day to day I’m usually just rocking chapstick or gloss

Pride: Which product gives you the most confidence?
Foundation- I definitely feel my best with a gorgeous and even skin tone!

Lust: What item is at the top of your list?
The new Tarte Mattenificent palette!

Envy: Which makeup product/look looks great on others but not on you?
Purple lips! I find I’m just too pale for them

So there they are! I had so much fun doing this post, let me know if the comments what your seven deadly sins are or put the link to your blog as I tag you all to do this!

Until next time, xoxo

January 2014 favourites!

Hello beautiful people! I hope you have all been healthy and happy in these first few weeks of 2014 
Since the first month of our new year has come to an end and I actually tried a bunch of new products this month, I thought it was only appropriate to do a January Favourites post!

My first favourite is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette.
I bought this right at the beginning of January and have used it pretty much every day since I purchased it. It is a little bit pricey at $55.00 but I think its well worth it as you get 16 shadows, two of which are double sized and there’s a great selection of colours. It has matte, shimmer and glittery shadows which allow you to achieve any kind of look you’re going for. A cool fact about this is that the shadows are made with cocoa powder so it smells divine and you’re putting something natural on your lids, the pigmentation of the shadows is very high and the texture is super smooth. They are so easily blended and a little bit goes a long way because the colours are so strong, over all I would recommend this palette to anyone who is just starting out with make up or someone who wants a good range of neutrals, and purples with different textures.

Next is a recent purchase, which I got only a week or so ago but it has been my go to blush since! And it is Springsheen from Mac.
It’s such a beautiful coraly pink colour that has peachy gold shimmer to it which gives the most beautiful effect on the cheek. I think it’s around $25.00 or so but, I love it because it got me so excited for spring. I feel like this blush paired with a pretty natural eye and a pinky gloss would just be gorgeous! I’m definitely going to be wearing this all through February in anticipation for nicer weather.

The next product is a rediscovered favourite and that is the Clinique bottom lash mascara!
This stuff is incredible; it separates your bottom lashes without clumping and defines them so nicely because it has such an itty bitty wand. My one beef with it is that the tube is so tiny too so for $12.00 it only lasts a month or so if you use it every day and depending on the thickness of your lashes, but it doesn’t budge all day and keeps your bottom lashes looking defined and fabulous.

Next up is Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation
I wear the colour 1C1 cool bone which I believe is the palest shade haha. I got this in the middle of the month and I’ve been loving it! It is a very full coverage foundation with a matte finish, it honestly doesn’t budge all day long and you don’t need a lot of it at all. It’s about $44.00 which I think is reasonable for the pay-off you get with this foundation.

Another foundation I was loving in January is the Bobbi Brown skin foundation
I have the colour 01 porcelain and it’s a perfect match for me. The name speaks for the product because it really does look like you have nothing on at all, it just looks like your skin. It’s a medium to light coverage foundation with a nice dewy look to it, I got this for the days where I didn’t want to be wearing a full coverage foundation but still wanted to put a little something on to even out my skin tone. It also has SPF in it which will be a bonus once the weather gets a little bit nicer here in Toronto. I believe this foundation cost about $55.00 which is quite expensive but you don’t need a lot of this one either as it’s very liquidy and is easily blended all over your face.

During the colder months I always find my skin looks a little bit dull and my next favourite absolutely remedied the problem! Mac cream colour base in Shell is a beautiful champagne pink highlighter which has been a staple in my makeup bag throughout January.
I think it was about $20.00 or so but well worth the price because you don’t need a lot of course and because of the way it looks on. It adds a gorgeous glow to the cheekbones and really creates radiance in my skin which I don’t normally have in the winter. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my complexion when I’ve been wearing it as well which is always a bonus!

Another rediscovered favourite of mine was the Mac Studio Finish concealer in NW15.
I’ve had this in my collection for quite a while as you can tell from the photo but came across it this month and I’ve really been enjoying it, it has quite a full coverage but works for both under the eye and any blemishes I’ve been having. It also comes in quite a deep pot so it goes a long way for $22.00, and it has SPF 35 to protect underneath your eyes from the sun which is very important in my opinion. This will definitely be staying in my makeup bag throughout February.

The next three products are all skin care as I switched up my routine quite a bit this winter and these ones really stood out to me and make my skin look and feel incredible.

Philosophy Purity cleanser!
I initially bought this in November in the travel size to go on vacation with me, and I used it for the week I was away and I liked it, but when I got home I went back to my old cleanser. After I ran out of that sometime in December I decided to go back to purity thanks to a recommendation from my best friend Amber, after using it for about 3 weeks I really noticed my skin feeling soft and supple and really clean. I went out and purchased one of the bigger bottles and have been using it day and night since, this stuff is just amazing, it takes off any little ounce of makeup that may be left on your skin and gives you a lovely gentle cleanse. It has a slight smell but it’s not over powering at all, I would recommend this cleanser to everyone because it’s just that good. It also comes in 4 or 5 sizes and versions so they have one for every price point and every skin type, I just use the original formula but they do have an oil free one as well.

Origins Modern Friction is an amazing exfoliator I picked up because I felt like my skin was quite dry due to the cold weather.
This stuff is great because you can use it on a dry face for a deep exfoliation or with a wet face for a more gentle one, I found after using this once a week for about 3 weeks my skin was soft and smooth, but you could absolutely use if more than once a week if you felt you needed it.

Last but definitely not least is another Origins product and it’s the A Perfect World daily moisturizer.
I use this every day and I absolutely love it, it’s designed with white tea to add some antioxidants to your skin, and its formulated to act as a barrier to protect your skin from the free radicals you can be exposed to on a day to day basis. It has a little bit of a smell but it’s a really pleasant citrus smell, and after about 4 weeks of using this in my routine I really have noticed a difference and couldn’t be happier with how my skin is looking, I feel that this is going to be part of my collection for quite some time.

I hope you all enjoyed this and I hope February is a month full of love and adventures for you all!
Until next time, xoxo
– Lo

My top ten favourite Mac eye shadows!

Hello beautiful people!
I recently bought a new vanity, so I got to do one of my favourite things which is re-organize my whole make up collection! and as I was doing that and sorting through my shadows and palettes I got the idea to do a post about my top ten favourite Mac eye shadows 🙂 hope you enjoy it!
Top left: Naked Lunch
This is probably my favourite shadow for an everyday and easy make up look( as you can see I’m due for a new one), I’ll usually sweep this all across the lid, and then go on with eye liner and mascara or throw a little something in the crease depending how i’m feeling/how much time I have. I love this because it really suits all skin tones as it’s a lovely champagne pinky peach colour with a little bit of shimmer, it’s not super glittery, it’s just has a gorgeous effect on the lid. I’ve re-purchased this at least 4 or 5 times because I use it so regularly and could not deal without this in my collection.

Top right: Shroom
I use this primarily for an inner corner and brow bone highlight, it really opens up your eyes and catches the light for a gorgeous look. It’s a satin white which I don’t often use all over the lid but when I do it does look really pretty. I have very fair skin and find white looks a little harsh across my lid but if you were a bit tanner it would be really nice.

Middle: Sketch
This is such a gorgeous cranberry-purple coloured shadow and I absolutely love it for a smokey eye as well as through the crease. I’ll use this all over the lid for a night out and through the crease for day time when I want a little pop of colour. It’s gorgeous because it’s not matte but it’s not satin either, it has little cranberry glitter particles in it, but it doesn’t look super glittery on the skin. it would look beautiful with pretty much any eye colour as well.

Bottom left: Concrete
Concrete is a matte dark grey colour which is one of my favourite crease colours especially with naked lunch all over the lid. it adds nice depth to the eye and can be built up to smoke out the look.

Bottom right: Fig
Fig is a gorgeous matte deep purple which looks gorgeous with green and blue eyes. I use this through the crease in a similar way to how I use concrete. I wore this colour with a few other purple tones to my high school prom, I love it because it can be used in so many different ways.

Below are swatches of the first five shadows I wrote about
from left to right: Sketch, shroom, concrete, naked lunch and fig. (Sorry the lighter hues are so hard to see)

The next five are gorgeous neutrals tones which I love wearing and putting on other people who aren’t used to wearing a lot of colour but still want a nice polished look
(Moving clockwise from top center which is the purple-ish colour)

Satin Taupe:
This is probably my all time favourite Mac eye shadow, it’s such a nice purple-ish grey colour with a nice shimmery finish, and it looks so beautiful in the crease. It would also look gorgeous all over the lid for a darker look, I’ve never used this on someone it didn’t look good on, and recommend it to pretty much everyone.

Patina is such a unique colour because it looks different on everyone. It’s a taupe-ish grey colour but also has a little bit of gold in is as well, it has a shimmery finish but again looks different on everyone depending on their skin tone and how the light catches their eyes. I love this on people with paler skin because it looks a tiny bit darker on the lid but the gold in it helps to brighten up the look and really pick up on the eye colour of the person who is wearing it.

Black Tied:
I love Black tied for when I’m doing a really smokey look. It’s a black shadow but it has silver glitter in it and it looks beautiful in the outer corners, I also find that with the glitter it almost makes it look less intense and adds a little bit of a playful element to the shadow. I use this under my eyes sometimes as well for some drama 🙂

Woodwinked is a beautiful bronzey-gold colour with a shimmery finish and it looks absolutely spectacular on people with blue eyes. I use this a lot in the summer time because I find it’s really fast and easy but still looks polished and pretty. this is the kind of eye shadow I’ll use when I’m going for a more natural make up look, and it just makes me feel a million bucks. It looks great if you’re tan as well 🙂

Omega is a matte light brown colour which I use specifically for my eye brows. I have red hair at the moment and I find it works well because it almost has a little bit of an auburn undertone, but when I use it on my sister who has a slightly darker skin tone than me it doesn’t look red at all. I’ve used omega through the crease on other people when they want a really natural eye but I still want to define they’re eyes and add little bit of depth.

Below are swatches of the last five shadows
from left to right: omega, woodwinked, satin taupe, patina, black tied.

So there they are my top ten favourite Mac eye shadows! I hope you guys enjoyed it and that it maybe made you want to add some new mac shadows to your collection!
Until next time