Blogmas day 12! – December Ipsy Glam Bag

Hello beautiful people!
Last night Carmen and I drove around our neighbourhood and looked at all the Christmas lights against the snow, which is one of my all-time favourite things to do after we get our first big snow fall in Toronto. All the lights looked so beautiful and magical! If you’ve never done this, I would highly suggest giving it a shot because it will definitely put a smile on your face.

I also wanted to say a huge thank you to you guys because I reached 200 followers today! That is so incredible, thank you so so much, I love writing posts for you guys to read as well as reading your posts! You guys are the best!

Enough mush, yesterday I got my December Ipsy glam bag and I thought I’d give you guys some first impressions.

As always:
This morning I got more of the pearls but in black and a package of cute little nail stickers!


I actually got a brush in my glam bag this month which is awesome! It’s by Crown brushes and it’s their C476 crease/shadow brush. It’s double sided which is always nice and handy for traveling, but I would definitely not use the “crease” end for crease work as I just think it’s too small. I would use this more for taking shadow under the eye, or for highlighting in the tear duct area. The hairs feel really soft as well so I’m pumped to try this out.

I’ve heard great things about Nyx butter lip balms so I was happy to see one in this month’s glam bag, I got the shade red velvet which has a slight red tint to it. And really who doesn’t need a tinted lip balm? It adds a nice pop of colour while still hydrating your lips! Such a staple for the cold winter months.

I also got a Cailyn mineral eye shadow in the shade #5 orchid. It’s a really beautiful bronzy- champagne colour. I don’t love the foam applicator that comes with it, but the product itself seems really blendable and highly pigmented. I’m excited to give this a try on the eyes and see how long it lasts!

Next is the cool way boost repair hair serum which you use instead of conditioner in the shower. I’ve never been one for hair treatments but this one is paraben, sulfate, formaldehyde, and colour free, as well as cruelty free which really makes me want to use it. I’ll keep you guys posted on how I get on with this stuff!

last but not least was a little bonus in my glam bag this month, I’m not sure why they sent it, maybe a little Christmas gift but I’m so excited about!
Tarte lights, camera, lashes mascara is one that I’ve really wanted to try for a while! I used it this morning and I really like it! It separate’s my lashes well and adds the perfect amount of volume, we’ll see how well it wears.

Let me know if you guys have used any of these!

Today’s movie is going to be Christmas with the Cranks, I’ve never seen it so I’m looking forward to watching it!

I’m heading shopping with my friend Maddie this afternoon and then possibly to the Toronto Christmas Market with Carmen this evening.
What’re you guys getting up to tonight?
I hope you guys have a beautiful Friday!
Until tomorrow,

My very first Ipsy Glam Bag!

Hello beautiful people!
I hope you all had a much better week/weekend than I did, as I spent mine lying on a couch icing my swollen chipmunk face. On the plus side, I did manage to watch about 15 movies and eat lots of jell-o and pudding but all in all I will say that having your wisdom teeth removed is a huge bummer! BUT while I was lying there feeling sorry for myself I got a couple packages in the mail!

Friday I received my very first Ipsy Glam Bag! Which is a similar subscription to Topbox where you receive deluxe samples or full size products once a month, Ipsy is slightly cheaper than Topbox at 10$ a month but I recently cancelled my subscription to julep so I thought I’d give this one a try.

My August glam bag came in an adorable little white and orange polkadot pencil case since their August theme was “beauty schooled” since a lot of people are heading back to school next month.

I received a deluxe sample of an Urban Decay 24/7 velvet glide-on eye pencil in the colour Plushie, which is a gorgeous matte dark purple colour. I have a full size turquoise one and I love the formulation of these, they really do stay all day, glide on and have incredible pigmentation. I’m super excited to get into using this colour when fall comes around!

This next product came in handy when I was too lazy to wash my hair because my face hurt, and it’s the laboratories Klorane extra-gentle dry shampoo with oat milk. I found this quite nice as dry shampoo’s go, it says to “spray a small quantity of powder 12 inches away from head directly on scalp. Leave for 2 minutes then brush though”, I followed the instructions and it worked really well to absorb grease and add a bit of volume without leaving a white residue in my hair. As for scent, it smells quite fresh and slightly botanical – I don’t love the scent but it’s not heinous enough for me not to use the product. I love that this is such a small size which is perfect for my purse if I need a quick root refresher after work or on the go.

I was so surprised to see a mini eye shadow quad in a sample service bag! I didn’t think a lot of them sent them out, and I’ve never received anything like this from Topbox so I was really impressed.
CoastalScents isn’t a company I had heard of before so I checked out their website; they have a lot of palettes available in big blockbusters with like 88 colours, and the prices seem really affordable. This little quad is called eye shadow sample set 23. The colours from top left to bottom right are called Persian pink, baby pink, pink silver and Icelandic. I can see myself getting use out of the bottom two but not so much the top two as eye shadows, they might be cute as blushes or even to use as touch ups throughout the day since this is such a tiny size. They’re quite velvety in texture and the pigmentation is surprisingly good, I may have to browse their website a little more after playing with these shadows even though their not the typical colours I would have chosen.
They also have a section of their website where you can buy the supplies to make your own bath bombs which is super cool and I may actually give that a shot!

I also got a Manna Kadar sheer glo shimmer lotion in my glam bag, again a brand I’d never heard of which is one of the best things about sample subscriptions. This is a cream highlighter which you can use for face and body, and even add it to your foundation. It looks pink in the tube but once you blend it out it just adds this gorgeous glow to your skin, it doesn’t look too shimmery at all it just adds like this natural radiance to your skin making it almost look wet but not in a gross way just in a beautiful way. I will definitely be using this on the tops of the cheek bones, cupids bow, maybe even on my chest and legs for a night out. Even though this sample is super small I can already tell that a little goes a long way with this product, also I’m super excited to try adding this to some of my foundations to see how it looks.

Last is a Jersey Shore Sun mongongo nutrient dense anti-aging lip conditioner, what a mouthful!
This is a completely organic product which is awesome, and is in the scent mandarin green orange ginger, but it mostly just smells like oranges. I can’t say I’m over the moon with this product because it doesn’t do anything for me that my Burt’s Bee’s doesn’t do, aside from the fact that It’s a 100% organic product. With winter coming I figure I can never have enough lip balms, and this one is hydrating and nourishing so I’ll definitely be keeping it on my bedside table.

That’s it for this post my loves, let me know in the comments if you’ve used any of these products or if you’re subscribed to Ipsy and you love it, I love hearing from you guys!
Don’t forget this good buttons and I’ll have a new post coming for you soon since I got another package in the mail while I was couch-ridden! It mayyy or may not be a haul so keep your eyes peeled!
until next time,