Urban Decay & Gwen Stefani Palette – Swatches and Review

Hello beautiful people!
I hope all you’ve all had a lovely couple of weeks, and I hope anyone who celebrated American Thanksgiving had lots of food and family fun!

Carmen and I got home from Florida a week ago, and are just trying to adjust to the cold weather here in Toronto! Unfortunately that means we also both ended up catching colds.
Our trip to Florida was so much fun! The weather was hot and lovely, and it only rained a couple of times. The wizarding world of Harry Potter is absolutely incredible, and Disney was just as amazing as I remember it from when I was younger.

Being slightly under the weather, I spent a lot of time this week cruising the internet for Christmas presents, but as we all do, (hopefully) I ended up buying myself a thing or two as well!
One of those things is the new Urban Decay Gwen Stefani limited edition eye shadow palette ($70CAD)


The packaging of this is absolutely stunning, super edgy and cute, which is exactly what I’d expect from Gwen Stefani. It it slightly pricier than say a Naked palette($64CAD), but you get 3 more shades in this, and the pan size is a lot larger than the Naked palettes.

This palette is honestly a dream, you get the incredible formulation of the Urban Decay eye shadows, with some sexy and fun colours that can only be associated with Gwen Stefani.
This has a lot of neutrals with a good mix of shimmers and mattes, but it also has the last row, which comes with some vibrant shades to play with as well.
I think this would be great for beginners or pros, and would make a really lovely Christmas gift if you have someone in your life you want to spoil, because you know they wouldn’t pick it up themselves. Or, you could just do what I did and buy it for yourself!

Onto the swatches!
First row, from left to right;
Blonde : is a nice shimmery cream colour that would be great as a highlight or all over the lid shade.
Bathwater: is a beautiful pale gold, that again, would be great for all over the lid or highlight.
Skimp: Is sort of more satin than shimmery, and more peach than anything, just a great shade for so many things.
Steady: is a gorgeous rose gold shade that would be great blended through the outter corner or really just all over the lid as well.
Punk: I was really excited when I saw this shade, because I don’t have anything like it in my collection. It’s a matte chocolate brown, but it almost has red undertones which I find really unique, and makes an incredible crease colour.

Second row, from left to right;
Baby: Is a gorgeous and super shimmery champagne shade that’s great for pretty much any eye colour, and compliments the shades in the rest of the row beautifully.
Anaheim: Is a really pale, matte, ashy brown that would be great in the crease or as a liner under the eye.
Stark: Is quite a cool toned brown and very pale, this would be great for a more matte sophisticated eye look, or even just used as a transition shade in the crease.
Zone: Another matte brown that again would be great blended through the crease to create depth for a nice smokey eye.
Serious: I like this shade because it looks matte but it’s actually a very fine satin finish, and it’s a lovely charcoal grey that could add some sexiness to any eye look.

Last row, from left to right;
This row is definitely the most fun!
Pop: Is a gorgeous, glittery pale peach that is honestly my favourite kind of shadow to wear all over the lid; because it’s just so feminine and gorgeous.
Harajuku: This shade is a really cute pale pink, with a bit of a frosty finish to it. I personally don’t like to wear pink eye shadow, but this could look beautiful on so many different skin tones. I think I’m going to try to use this one as a blush!
Danger: This shade is absolutely stunning, it’s such a deep and vibrant blue, I can’t wait to play around with this, especially with the holiday season upon us!
1987: This is another unique shade that I absolutely love! It’s a really rich gold, but it’s not super yellow, it just looks really pretty and fun.
Blackout: This palette wouldn’t have been complete without a matte black, and this shade has the most incredible pigmentation!

The formulation of these shadows has the exact same quality as the Naked palettes, super buttery and blendable without being dusty or having any fall out. The pigmentation carries a serious punch with these babies, it’s not patchy or stiff at all. These shadows last all day long as well, I honestly can’t say enough good things about this!

If you’ve been eyeing this, or know someone who would love it, I would 100% recommend getting it (and soon, because it’s limited edition).

That’s all for now my loves,
I’m still deciding whether or not to do Blogmas again this year, so keep your eyes open December 1st to see if it starts!

Until next time,