Product Empties!

Hello beautiful people, and happy Sunday! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend, and that you’re spending today relaxing.

I recently ran out a few products and thought it was as good a time as any to write an empties post! These are all things I love and would definitely re-purchase (if I haven’t already) after I go through the products I’m using now.

First are the Living Proof PHD (perfect hair day) shampoo and conditioner, honestly these are the best I’ve ever used. My hair feels healthier, softer, stronger and less damaged! They are very pricey at $30 each, but they’re formulated so that you don’t have to wash your hair as often, and if I’m being totally honest, I only wash my hair twice a week anyway so I find they last me quite a while. If you’re the kind of person who has to wash their hair everyday, these may not be for you – or you could buy them and only use them once or twice a week to give your hair a bit of a treatment. These in combination with the PHD 5-in-1 leave in treatment has literally transformed my thin and damaged hair, so I think it goes without saying that I’ve already re-purchased these babies.

Next is the Origins A Perfect World moisturizer. This is a great, light weight day time moisturizer that I’ve probably been using for about 2 years – its got white tea in it which is full of anti-oxidants, and it protects your skin from the free radicals in the polluted air. It’s very hydrating, with a nice scent and make up blends seamlessly over it, right now I’m using a Kate Somerville cream because I wanted to try something new, but I will definitely be re-purchasing this eventually.

Another Origins product I ran out of shortly after the moisturizer is the Gin-zing eye cream. This a great one for puffiness and dark circles. It’s formulated with caffeine to really help brighten and tighten, and the cream itself has a bit of a shimmer to it which creates a glow that makes you look more awake. I’m using the Origins Eye Doctor cream at the moment for night and day, but I may re-purchase this for the fall when my dark circles tend to get a little worse.

This next one is a bit boring, but we all need body-wash right? The Aveeno hydrating body wash is a really nice one. It left my skin feeling soft, hydrating and smelling really nice, I also found that the bottle was a lot larger than the average one you find in the drugstore, so it seemed to last me longer. I’m not sure that I’ll re-purchase this anytime soon, just because I tend to just buy what’s on sale.

The Kiehl’s Calendula foaming cleanser is a product that I’ve already re-purchased because I find it agrees very well with my skin. It doesn’t dry me out or irritate me, and it’s gentle enough that I can use it with my clarisonic. If you have combination – oily skin I would recommend giving this a try, the calendula extract in it actually has healing properties, so if you suffer from break outs the cleanser alone can help with them – I noticed a big difference in my skin when I started using this!

The final product is definitely the one I’m most upset to be out of, the Glam Glow Supermud clearing treatment is by far the best detoxifying mask I’ve ever used. I was lucky enough to find this pot on sale at winners, because other wise this stuff is super expensive (although, my birthday is in a couple of weeks, so I’m hoping to get some Sephora gift cards) but either way I will definitely be picking up another one, because I think my skin would suffer without it. If you haven’t used this before, you absolutely need to, it makes a difference in your skin in one use, and the pot lasts you a long time because you only need a very thin layer all over your face – you can even use it as a spot treatment for bad blemishes and pimples.

Those are all my empties for now, let me know if you’ve used some of these products or if you want to see more of these posts.
Until next time my loves,

My pamper night essentials!

Hello beautiful people!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! The weather here in T.O was beautiful and I was feeling very good because I got to carry out my Friday tradition which always sets me up for a great weekend. Now Fridays are a very special day to me because they are my pamper day! As I’ve said to you guys before I’m a gardener, so my job can get quite physical and most of the time I end up coming home covered in dirt. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my job, but at the end of the week it is so nice to have something to look forward to! When I get home from work I have a snack and then spend the next couple of hours in total bliss just for myself which I think we are all entitled to at least once a week because we all work hard!
These are the things I use to make my Friday pamper sessions incredible:

A good smelling Candle! Currently I’m burning the bath& body works coconut leaves, this is nice refreshing scent that makes me think of my vacation in the Bahamas with Carmen and it makes me smile!

Bubble bath! What is a pamper night without a bubble bath!? Currently a couple of my favourite bubbling products are the LUSH creamy candy bubble bar and philosophy vanilla birthday cake bubble bath. Both smell super sweet and delicious and I find they leave my skin feeling nice and soft! I like to soak for around 30 minutes with a nice big glass of ice water (or vino depending how I’m feeling) and a good book or some music, such a lovely way to relax on a Friday after a long week at work!

A good scrub is a must when having a pamper evening, after I’ve done all my soaking and relaxing I go in with my Soap and Glory Flake Away scrub! It smells delicious; it’s the classic S&G scent which I absolutely love. This scrub is pretty granular which I like in a good exfoliator, the only weird thing I find with this product is that over time even with the lid on it turns this like vibrant yellow colour!( The picture doesn’t capture the colour well) So strange! Has anyone else found that with this product? Let me know in the comments! But this exfoliator gets rid of all the nasty dead skin cells I have and gets me all ready for my next essential product

Once I’ve rinsed that off I go in with the L’occitane almond shower oil which comes out of the bottle like an oil but actually lathers when you put it onto your wet skin. It’s incredibly moisturizing and it smells really nice, I think in general all products for a pamper night should just smell lovely! If you have dry skin or really just want to give your skin a nice treat I would absolutely suggest picking this stuff up because it is divine, it leaves your skin feeling soft and supple and super hydrated

By the time I’m done all that crazy stuff my bath water is usually cold so I’ll get out and apply a face mask, my skin has really been bumming me out lately so I’ve been using the Origins clear improvements mask or the Glam Glow YouthMud to add a little radiance to my skin. I’ve written about both of these in passed posts but basically the Origins masks uses clay to draw impurities out of the skin and makes pores appear smaller. This is by far one of my all-time favourite masks! If you’ve never tried this I would highly highly recommend this. I like to use Glam Glow when I feel like my skin needs a little pick me up! The tingling is a little uncomfortable but the results are very nice, my skin is definitely brighter after using this mask.

Whilst my mask is drying I’ll moisturize my skin with the Fresh sugar lychee body lotion which is my favourite lotion but it’s rather expensive for such a small bottle (26$) so I only use it when I want to treat my skin. It smells like sugar candies I used to eat when I was younger which is originally why I bought it, but the formula is so luxurious! It’s a nice and light cream that absorbs beautifully into the skin leaving it feeling refreshed and hydrated.

All these things combined create the perfect pamper night for me, which leaves me feeling relaxed with soft skin and a radiant complexion that makes me feel great about myself so I can enjoy my weekend and look forward to doing it all again the next Friday!

I hope you all have a lovely week in whatever you’re doing, and don’t forget to enjoy some sunshine and a few minutes for yourself every day!
Hit all the good buttons and let me know in the comments what some of your favourite pamper night essentials are!
Until next time, xoxo

April Topbox!

Hello beautiful people!
I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I was stuck in bed with a very nasty cold and was only concerned with sleeping and drinking lots of tea!
Now that I’m feeling much better I decided it was time to write a new post! While I was laying on the couch I got my April Topbox in the mail so here are all the things I got in it this month!
I was sent the Murale shoppers drug mart Topbox this month which came with a good variety of different products.


First thing is the Caudalie make up remover cleansing water, this is a similar product to the bioderma sensibio cleansing water which I love. The caudalie water smells nice and fresh as it has grape water and chamomile in it, it feels nice on the skin and removes face make up very well. I don’t use cleansing waters on my eyes as a I find they don’t do a great job so I use a separate make up remover for mascara and eye make-up. I love my bioderma but this is a close second and I would purchase the full size ($28) once I’m finished my other cleansing waters.


Next up is Glam Glow youth mud which is the black one, I’ve reviewed this before so I won’t say too much aside from the fact that I am definitely happy to have more of this stuff even in the sample size considering how expensive the full size is (full size $69), it is absolutely one of my favourite face masks and I definitely want to try the other two as well! I’ve heard great things about all of them.


I personally use Marc Jacobs perfumes, I have a few of them and I just love his scents, but the Clean Shower Fresh fragrance (full size $39) I got in my April Topbox is actually a really beautiful scent for summer. It’s a little bit citrusy with a TINY hint of floral; it’s a very fresh and clean scent which is great! I will definitely be giving this a try in the hotter months.


Last is the fusion beauty lipfusion XL lip volumizing therapy!( That’s a mouthful) It’s meant to be used as a night time treatment and contains hyaluronic acid and two times the active collagen as their regular glosses. I’m honestly not a huge fan of this product because generally I don’t like lip plumping glosses and I found this one made the skin around my lips turn red so I will definitely not be using this product again, it is quite expensive at $50 but if you like lip plumping products this one might be for you but unfortunately it just didn’t work for me.

So that’s everything I got in my April Topbox, as always thanks for reading and don’t forget to hit my two favourite buttons! (like&follow)
stay tuned this weekend for my April Favourites! You guys are the best, until next time xoxo

** Just a little disclaimer, I do check the prices and do a little bit of research for ingredients and uses on these products using or googling the product to find its website but generally all opinions are my own unless otherwise stated. And all photos are taken by me unless otherwise stated**

First Impressions!

Garnier skin renew dark spot overnight peel
I bought this about a week ago and so far I think it’s working out pretty well, I have noticed my skin has broken out a little bit but I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s a new product and my skin isn’t use to it, and also because it’s helping to purge my skin of impurities.
It has a thin consistency and smells really nice, and it’s gentle enough that you can use it every night. I’ve been using it after I cleanse with my clarisonic and then I follow it with a moisturizer because that’s what it says to do on the bottle, and it does leave your skin feeling a little bit tight as it’s a gel like formula.
I’m excited to see how this continues to work throughout the rest of the bottle, it costs around 20$ but you only need one pump for your whole face.

Glam Glow – Youthmud (Black)
I’ve used this once and I wasn’t completely impressed with it. This is the formulation that “Tingles” but really it stings and feels like your face is on fire a little bit. When I went into the store and asked about this they made it seem like after one use my skin was going to look radiant and transformed but really it kinda just looked shiny. It goes on a dark grey colour and has tea leaves in it as well as volcanic rock so it does look gritty on the skin; you’re supposed to leave it on until it dries and turns a lighter colour. Then you wet your face with warm water and rub the mask in with circular motions to exfoliate your skin. My skin felt super soft after and the general tone of my skin felt better but I didn’t have the “wow” reaction I was hoping to get. ALTHOUGH I have only used it once so I’ll keep you guys posted on how I continue to like it. I have the little sample jar that’s only 0.5oz as I didn’t want to commit to buying the full size without trying it.
I’m also interested in trying the other kinds of glam glow, let me know if you guys have tried them and what you think!

Stila Stay All Day waterproof liquid eye-liner
I bought this on the recommendation of my best friend Amber, because she uses it and it’s become one of her holy grail products. I myself have always been a Kat Von D trooper fan, but I thought I’d try something new and unfortunately I don’t like this liner as much as the Kat Von D one. Stila’s liner has a foam applicator whereas Trooper has a brush applicator which I find much easier to use. The foam applicator seemed really stiff and hard to maneuver along my eye lid, but Amber promises me that over time the applicator becomes softer so I will continue to give this one a try and hopefully come to love it as much as she does.

Loreal True Match Lumi foundation
I have a terrible addiction to products that have luminous or radiant in the name and or claim to create radiant and luminous skin. Even though I have combination skin I’m really partial to more radiant foundations as opposed to matte ones. I bought this one at Target about a week ago and I’ve been wearing it every day since and I really like it! I have the colour W1-2 porcelain/light ivory which is the lightest colour in the line. It definitely doesn’t have LONG wear, and I do have to powder it throughout the day but I really love the way it makes my skin look. I also like that it comes with a pump as a lot of foundations don’t and you end up wasting product, I use about 2 and a half pumps of this all over my face and it has a gorgeous effect which I think will be perfect for spring and summer. I would say this has a medium coverage, but as I said before it’s not a long wear foundation. It also has SPF 20 which is always a bonus in foundation as you should always have a little bit of SPF on your skin. This will definitely be staying in my collection throughout the hotter months.

Those are my first impressions on some of the new products I’ve been trying out! Let me know in the comments if you guys have tried any of these and what you think!
until next time, xoxo