Blogmas day 16! – A last minute gift idea and remembering to give back!

Hello beautiful people!
I hope you’re week is treating you well so far, and if you’re already off for the Christmas holidays I hope you’re enjoying your time off!
Today was a bit of a busy day, I did a lot of running around and picking things up because I’m having a little Christmas party on Thursday. Nothing huge, just my best girlfriends; they come over and we decorate cookies, eat some good food and catch up!
Advent haul as always:

When I got home I made the cookie dough for the party which I’ll bake into fun shapes tomorrow, and then my dad came home with some delicious walker’s shortbreads for me, so I had a few with a cup of tea.

My family isn’t big on Christmas crackers, so we always make little gift bags to put at everyone’s place setting, and it got me thinking that this would make a great gift if you have a lot of people to buy for and you’re not sure what to get them.
It would be suitable for people you work with, or as a hostess gift.
In our gift bags this year we put a scratch card, some chocolate covered pretzels and some chocolate kisses, pop all that into a cute little gift bag and you’re good to go.
This is a relatively inexpensive and easy to make present. People will always appreciate a little treat, and if they win on the scratch card they’ll be very happy to have gotten it!
It’s just a little something to say you’re thinking of them during the holidays without breaking the bank.

Speaking of thinking of people during the holidays, I just wanted to say that we shouldn’t forget to give back during the Christmas season. We all get so caught up in the gifts, food and family that sometimes we can forget that there are people out there who don’t have loved ones looking out for them. (I’m not placing blame on anyone and I’m guilty of it too.)
As a family we try to donate to local charities and shelters during the holidays, and as often as we can throughout the year. I know everyone has different financial situations and maybe unable to give money, but you can volunteer your time if you have some, or you could even just to donate clothing that you no longer want or wear.
Everything makes a difference to people in need and we should try to remember to do what we can all year-long, but the holiday’s are a nice time if you can only give once a year. Donations and volunteering are always great, especially because it helps the community.
I believe, in general just being kind all the time is a great way to uplift people. Holding a door open, a smile, giving up your seat on the bus, giving a sincere random compliment or even just a hello can make the difference for someone having a bad day. We all share this world and our communities, and I think it’s nice to look up from our phones and tablets and remember that there are people around us – not even necessarily people in need, but just fellow human beings.
I know that kindness can change things and we should remember during the holiday rush and all the time that we’re all in this together. **cue high school musical dance routine**

That’s my humanitarian ramble, I hope you all know how much I appreciate you.

On the topic of WHOmanitarians I watched the cartoon version of the Grinch who stole Christmas, which is my all-time favourite Christmas movie. I love that it’s only 20 minutes long, and the soundtrack is just amazing (and $5.99 on itunes).

I hope you all have a beautiful evening, and remember to be kind.
Until tomorrow,