November Favourites!

Hello beautiful people!
I hope you’re all getting as amped up for the Christmas season as I am! Oh and happy Thanksgiving weekend to all my American readers out there. Hopefully if you’ve been taking advantage of the black Friday sales you’re being super safe! And also getting some great deals!

This month I threw a few none beauty favourites in just to make it a little whimsical and also I’ve just really been loving these particular things like no bodies business! But I’ll start with the beauty because it’s the most fun.

First off is the NARS blush in the shade Almeria ($35) which is part of their holiday collection. Can we just take a second to talk about how freaking gorgeous their holiday packaging is!? I’m in love.
I’m a massive fan of NARS as a brand in general but there’s something about their blushes that just makes my heart race and this one had to come home with me. It’s a beautiful sort of rusty pink colour with a slightly berry tone in it as well, there’s a tiny hint of shimmer in there which adds the most subtle and natural glow to your cheeks which is perfect for this time of year. I have not stopped wearing this because I love how it makes my skin look, but I think its limited edition which means it much be cherished!

Next is the Kat Von D studded Kiss lipstick in the shade lovecraft ($26) The packaging on this is also super cute!
I’m sure you’ve heard other bloggers/YouTubers talking about this lipstick. It’s a really gorgeous dusty rose colour with a slight brown tint as well, this colour is very “Kylie Jenner” esque which I know is super on trend at the moment. I like this colour for everyday because it adds a little something to your look without being a full on bold lip, and the formulation is nice and creamy. All in all I’ve been loving this baby, it also smells like vanilla which is my all-time favourite scent!

Last beauty favourite is the Flower Beauty About Face foundation ($13.50) I recently did a post on this so I won’t go into too much detail, but I’ve really been enjoying this foundation throughout November. It’s got good coverage, it’s not totally matte and it’s not full on dewy; it just adds a nice glow to the skin. If you’re looking for a new drugstore foundation I would definitely try this one out, it’s exclusively at Walmart!

Onto the-none beauty faves!
First is the Bath and Body Works Frosted Cranberry candle. This is what I consider a transition candle, you don’t want to start burning those real christmasy candles too early, and this one for me is just christmasy enough without singing carols if that makes any sense! It smells like you’d expect it to, a nice cranberry scent with a little bit of sweetness too, not overpowering and really pleasant. Go give it a sniff!

Every single time I’ve been near a David’s Tea I’ve had to go in and order an Organic Vanilla Chai iced tea latte, they’re so dang good! The Vanilla adds a tiny bit of sweetness which cuts on the spiciness of the chai, it’s honestly just divine! I asked Carmen to buy me some of the tea for Christmas so I can make them at home!

Last but definitely not least is the TV show The 100! My friend Lisha suggested this to me and I was hooked from the very first episode! It’s on Netflix and there’s 1 full season and the second season gets a new episode added once a week, so pace yourself if you’re going to get into it! I don’t want to give too much away, but basically it’s about these 100 prisoners who get sent back to earth from space after 97 years on “the Arc” which is their space station. The planet got nuked so people couldn’t live on it, but the 100 prisoners who get sent back are all under 18, and they have to survive all on their own to make sure earth is still habitable! I may not be explaining this very well, but if you love the hunger games and divergent you will love this show! It’s awesome.

That’s it for November’s favourites, but don’t forget that Blogmas here on Laauraborealis starts on Monday! If you didn’t read my last post, basically I’m going to be blogging every day until Christmas just letting you know what I’m getting up to! Also I’ve challenged myself to watch a Christmas movie a day during blogmas as well!

You guys are the best!
Until next time,

**Just a little disclaimer – The pictures of the tea and “The 100” are from google, all the other pictures I took myself.

FLOWER Beauty review

Hello beautiful people!
If you follow me on Instagram you know I was super excited last week that I finally found FLOWER beauty in my local Walmart. For those of you who don’t know; FLOWER beauty is owned and developed by Drew Barrymore who I think is fabulous and a lot of people have told me I look like her- I don’t really think so though.
I didn’t pick up everything in the range because that would have gotten quite expensive but I did pick up a few things and I’m happy to share my thoughts with you guys!
The packaging is super cute for the whole line – all the metallic accents are in rose gold which is beautiful and makes the product look a little more expensive. In general the pricing on the products is great, I think the foundation was the only thing I bought that was over $10

About face foundation in the shade – LF1 ($13.50)
I Love that this is a drugstore foundation with a pump! Also the formulation is quite thick so you really only need one pump of product for your whole face, it has a medium to full coverage and blends really beautifully over the skin with a semi-matte finish. I wore this for an evening out and when I got home it still looked pretty good, so I’m happy with how it wears. All in all I’m really impressed with this foundation!

Lighten Up! Illuminating concealer – BC1 ($7.98)
I wouldn’t consider this super illuminating but it is quite a light coverage so it’s nice for under the eyes but not necessarily for blemishes. I’m not a huge fan of the twist up packaging because I feel like you waste a lot of product and also you don’t get as much as you do with a tube concealer. The consistency is really creamy and easy to blend, but I really only use this when I’ve had a lot of sleep and drank a lot of water the day before because it doesn’t cover dark circles that well. I wouldn’t say this is my favourite concealer but it’s nice for a light make up day.

Shadow play quad – in Foxy browns ($9.98)
The quad has a nice magnetic close with a satisfying shutting sound (if you know what I mean) it comes with 3 shimmery shades and 1 matte. I find the matte shade slightly chalky but it blends beautifully and applies without streaking, the shimmery shades are super buttery and soft but don’t have the greatest pigmentation but it’s definitely buildable. I like the colours and find this it makes a really nice light make up look and it’s easy to travel with.

Zoom – in ultimate mascara twist 3-in-1 ($7.98)
I love the packaging of this but it is honestly the worst mascara I’ve ever used in my life. It’s a 3-in-1 so you twist the wand depending how much volume you want which is the coolest thing about this. I don’t like the wand at all, it’s plastic and kind of made my eyes sore. The formula is good, it doesn’t flake or smudge but it clumps like nobody’s business. It honestly made it look like I had 4 eye lashes, so unfortunately this was a huge thumbs down for me.

Kiss stick: high- shine lip colour in ginger lily ($6.98)
Nice colour, slightly dusty for a your lips but better colour, and I like that she named all the lip products after flowers. It’s very moisturizing with a good amount of shine but it doesn’t move around too much and the colour lasts quite a while. Big thumbs up!

Kiss stick: velvet lip colour in Rosey Garden ($6.98)
This is one of the matte lipsticks in the collection and I really like it. It’s a gorgeous deep pink colour that I think will be great to wear to a holiday party or dinner out. It’s a nice formulation and doesn’t dry out my lips too much at all.

Colour play cream eye shadow in awesome blossom ($7.98)
This is a nice cream shadow, creamy and blends nicely and the colour is gorgeous! A nice deep brown with slightly burgundy undertones. I like that it doesn’t have too much glitter but it’s still more than regular shimmer, and it looks beautiful on the lids. I wore it by itself and it makes a nice soft smoky eye or you can add a deeper shadow on top for a more dramatic look. I did find it creased a little bit after a few hours but I think it would hold out for a night out or party.

Shine on lip gloss in lovely lotus ($6.98)
If you’ve been reading my posts for a while you’ll know I raved about the Urban Decay naked lip glosses and I think I finally found a decent dupe for them! This gloss is divine, not too sticky and has great pigmentation while being super moisturizing. They’re very long lasting and I picked one that didn’t have shimmer, and it doesn’t have a smell which is kind of nice. For the price I will definitely be picking up a few more of these!

I’m really happy with the quality of these especially for the price, I wish I liked the mascara more but such is life. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you think of them!
Until next time my loves,