Blogmas day 21! – Sunday date night

Hello beautiful people!
Last night was such a lovely evening, Carmen’s mom made a delicious turkey dinner and it was so nice catching up with his family and friends.
Today was quite a boring day to be honest, I tidied my bedroom and did some laundry, after opening my advent calendars for the day!

Carmen and I decided to make the evening a little bit of a date night, so we headed to the movies! We went to see the new Horrible Bosses 2, and it was actually pretty good. Obviously not as good as the first one, but I definitely laughed out loud this time too!
Afterwards we had some dinner at Kelsey’s which was super yummy. Now he’s off playing hockey with his friends, and I’m curled up in bed with a tea getting ready to watch tonight’s Christmas movie.
The nightmare before Christmas is my favourite movie of all time, so even though I watch it plenty throughout the year, it just didn’t seem right not to watch it this close to Christmas.

Sorry if this post isn’t very interesting, but I think Sunday’s are meant to be lazy!
Enjoy the rest of your night!
Until tomorrow,

Blogmas day 20! – Another festive mani & outfit of the day

Hello beautiful people!
Hopefully your Saturday has been fun and festive so far! only 5 days until Christmas!!
Last night was a lot of fun at Kate and Wes’s; we ended up watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, which to be honest I didn’t like very much. All the other kids are so mean to Charlie Brown, and I know he’s a bit of a Debbie downer but that’s no need to call him names all the time!

Today was a bit of a busy day for me, I got up and went to the salon to get my hair coloured and cut. Just a small trim and a few highlights put in, nothing super exciting.
When I got home I opened my calendars! Only 4 more days of chocolate and nail polish!

I decided to give myself another festive manicure, because I keep getting all these incredible glitters in my advent calendar. I went for a red again, but this time I threw some gold and black glitter over top and it turned out really pretty.


Carmen and I are heading to a little Christmas party at his Mom’s house tonight, so I thought I’d tell you guys what I decided to wear.
Sorry about the mirror selfie, I didn’t have anyone to take a photo of me.
I went with dark jeans, the peplum top I wore on my birthday and a red cardigan, which I think is very festive and classy.

Today’s Christmas movie was Happy Christmas which I found on Netflix. I picked it because Anna Kendrick is in it and I love her, but I found the movie to be odd and not very interesting. If you were thinking of giving that one a watch, I would say skip it.

Enjoy the rest of your night!
Until tomorrow,

Blogmas day 18! – A festive make-up look!

Hello beautiful people!
Tonight is my Christmas cookie decorating party! I’m so excited to see all my best girlfriends and enjoy some tasty treats.
I thought I’d share my make-up look with you guys because it’s definitely holiday party appropriate, and would be great for new years as well!
But first:

I wanted to incorporate glitter into tonights look, because really, if you can’t wear glitter to a Christmas party when can you?
and I definitely wanted to wear a red lip, so I went through my collection and this is the look I ended up with!

Products used for complexion:
Bobbi Brown long wear even finish foundation in the shade porcelain
Benefit boi-ing concealer in 01
Nars radiant creamy concealer in Chantilly
Make up forever HD loose powder
Sleek contour kit in light
Becca shimmering skin perfector in opal
MAC blush in cubic
Anastasia dip brow in soft brown

Products used for eyes:
Urban Decay primer potion
Too faced semi-sweet chocolate bar palette
Shades: Coconut crème all over the lid, mousse and truffled through the crease and outer corner, butter pecan for inner corner highlight and brow bone.
Kat Von D tattoo liner in trooper
Urban Decay heavy metal glitter liner in glam rock
Too faced better than sex mascara

Products used for lips:
Bite beauty lip crayon in pomegranate

I’m really happy with the way this look turned out! I definitely think I’ll be wearing this again throughout the holiday season!

Today’s movie was the Polar Express which I watched while I was getting ready! one of my holiday favourites, because I just love Tom Hanks.

Have a beautiful evening!
Until tomorrow,

Blogmas day 17! – Baking for a party!

Hello beautiful people!
I hope your week is treating you well so far! we are officially one week away from Christmas eve, that is honestly insane!

I managed to have a bit of a lay in this morning, which was nice since I’ve been getting up very early lately. Once I finally got out of bed I had a very productive day getting ready for my party tomorrow!
Of course the first thing I did was open my calendars:

After I had some breakfast, I got my cookie dough’s out of the fridge and started rolling! I made sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies, and then I cut them into little elves, snow flakes, candy canes and trees because I thought they’d be the most fun to decorate.

Once I cleaned up the kitchen, I went out to pick up a few last-minute things I need for my party!

Today’s Christmas movie is a classic! Frosty the snowman! This is probably the movie I remember watching most as a kid.

Tomorrow’s post is going to be a festive make-up look! so don’t forget to come back and check that out.
Until tomorrow my loves,

Blogmas day 5! – A festive mani and a tiny black friday haul!

Hello beautiful people!
Hopefully you had a lovely evening last night and today is treating you well.
Today is my mom’s birthday! So Mom if you’re reading this post Happy Birthday! We’re all going out for dinner tomorrow night as a family but I still wanted to do something nice on her actual birthday so I picked her up some flowers, so when she comes home from work she’ll have a little surprise.

My advent calendars were kind to me as always today.
The polish that came out today looked absolutely divine, so I just had to paint my nails with it! It’s a gorgeous coppery red with gold shimmer in it, which is so great for this time of year! I really love this colour and think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it this season.

Today’s Christmas movie was Love Actually which I watched while I was painting my nails, it is such a cute Christmas movie with a great message. I love all the story lines and how each one connects with the other somehow, if you haven’t seen this you need to!

Also the one black Friday (online) purchase I made came in the mail yesterday and I have to say I was super excited to open it. It came from Aerie which is American Eagles sister company that makes lingerie and sleepwear, they actually have some incredible deals online right now so I would suggest looking into it if you need some cute gifts or new PJ’s.
On black Friday they had buy one get one free pajama bottoms so obviously I had to order a couple of pairs of winter/Christmas ones. The red ones are my favourite because they have little racoons on them which are super cute! And of course polar bears are adorable with little bow ties.

Their panties were 10 for 30 with is an amazing deal and I don’t know if you guys know this but aerie makes the cutest Christmas underwear so I ended up with 10 pairs of themed panties.

A huge bonus was if you spent over 50 dollars you got a free throw blanket and a tote bag, the blanket is actually quite a large size and it’s super soft. I also just love the navy with the white polka dots, and really who doesn’t love a free blanket?

The tote is HUGE and has the hashtag #Aeriereal on it because they no longer alter the photos of their models on their ads which I think is great, being someone who isn’t stick thin I always appreciate seeing a regular sized model on ads and in commercials.

Not the most exciting post but everyone needs a nice lazy day in once and a while.
Let me know what some of your black Friday purchases were and what your favourite nail polish is for this time of year!
Until tomorrow,

Blogmas day 4! – A little bit of baking!

Hello beautiful people!
Today has been a nice relaxing day, I slept in a little bit and then got up and opened my calendars like always! The polish today is actually a bottle of the famous Ciate Cavier which I’ve tried before and really liked wearing, although they do fall off throughout the course of an evening. These little pearls are so pretty and I think they would make a really gorgeous accent nail!

Today’s Christmas movie is actually one of my all time favourite rom com’s – The Holiday, such a great story and Jude Law is just delicious eye candy.
I was in the mood to do a little baking today so I found a recipe for Candy Cane Kiss cookies on Sally’s Baking Addiction which is a great site if you like to bake! and I thought I’d give it a whirl. I linked the full recipe, so I wont go into too much detail about the steps but I took some photos throughout the process!

Of course you’ve got to make sure you have all the ingredients and tools before you start a baking adventure!

The smell of butter and sugar being mixed is absolutely divine. Also I had Michael Buble’s Christmas album playing the whole time I was baking these little guys.

We have dough! Once you hit this step you just roll it into little balls and then you get to roll them in colourful sprinkles!

Into the oven for 8 to 10 minutes!

Looking very good! now you let them sit for 5 minutes, then you get to add the kisses

I went with chocolate and candy cane kisses because not everyone likes mint! Once you stick the kisses in you have to pop them in the freezer for another 5 minutes so the chocolate doesn’t melt too much.

After they come out of the freezer you’re ready to enjoy your candy cane cookies! which are delicious, let me tell you!

That’s it for today! Carmen and I are going out this evening to pick up a couple of gifts for a Christmas party we have coming up so hopefully the mall wont be too busy!
Until tomorrow,

Blogmas day 3! – D.I.Y Christmas Garland

Hello beautiful people!
I hope that past 24 hours have treated you well, after I wrote my post last night I went to Amber’s house and oddly enough Home Alone 2 was on TV! So I ended up watching 2 Christmas movies yesterday!
Amber and her family also just adopted two adorable little Siamese kittens so I spent the evening with two sleepy babies in my arms.

My advent calendars this morning did not disappoint, my chocolate was delicious and I was very excited to see a glitter polish come out of the Ciate calendar today! It’s a gorgeous gold and black glitter which is so suitable to this time of year, because really from December 1st to January 1st there’s no such thing as too much glitter.

Today’s movie was Fred Claus, which was a really unique twist on a classic Christmas movie and I really enjoyed it! (It’s on Netflix if you’re looking for it)
I was cruising Pinterest which is where all good D.I.Y crafts are born and stumbled upon the CUTEST Christmas Garland, so of course I decided to create my own using the Pinterest link as inspiration.

You will need : Scissors, glue, tape, cupcake cases in Christmas colours, string of any kind

First thing you want to do is flatten out your cupcake cases, you’ll need 3 per tree so you can mix them up like I did, or you can make them all the same colour, it’s up to you.
Also you can buy all the supplies for this at your local dollar store if you don’t already have them at home which is a bonus.

Once you’ve flattened your cases you’re going to want to fold them in have twice until you have a triangle, at this point you’ll want to glue the flaps closed.

Once you have three glued, you lay them on top of one another and glue them together to create a tree shape.

After you’ve made as many trees as you want (I went with 16) you’ll want to tape them to your string at an even distance, make sure you’re taping the string to the back side of the tree!

Voila! You have a really cute Christmas garland, I cut mine up and hung it on some shelves, but you could leave yours long and put it on your tree, or hang them over doors; whatever you desire. This is also a great craft to do with your children! It took me about an hour to make mine, so it doesn’t take up too much time and looks really beautiful.

That’s it for today!
Please let me know if you re-create this craft because I would love to see it! And let me know in the comments what you think of Blogmas so far!
Until next time my loves,
**Photo taken from google, the rest I took myself.