Blogmas day 22! – My Chroma Stationery!

Hello beautiful people!
I was watching one of Lily Pebbles vlog’s recently and saw these adorable notebooks that had her name on them. She had the name of the company in the description box so I headed over to Chroma’s website.
Chroma stationery is a UK-based company that creates personalized notebooks for its customers. You can choose the colour of your notebook, the font of the embossing, whether you want gold or silver and the kind of paper in your notebook, I think this an absolutely genius idea!
Not to mention, I was even more impressed to find out if was founded by a young woman named Gabi Cox in April of this year, just two months before she graduated University.

These notebooks are incredibly affordable at $12 or £7.50, and if you’re a blogger they’ll print your blog name or logo onto your books for you.
Since I don’t have a professional blog logo I just went with a beautiful font and gold lettering. I actually ordered two of them and got a really nice hand written letter in the envelope!

I’m so excited because, now I can use my blog notebook to write ideas for posts, and my personal one for grocery lists etc.
If you’re looking for a cute gift or, want something personal written on a notebook I would definitely suggest checking Chroma Stationery out, I couldn’t be more impressed!

Today’s advent haul:
And today’s Christmas movie is going to be National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!

I hope you all have a beautiful Monday!
Until tomorrow,