Blogmas day 3! – D.I.Y Christmas Garland

Hello beautiful people!
I hope that past 24 hours have treated you well, after I wrote my post last night I went to Amber’s house and oddly enough Home Alone 2 was on TV! So I ended up watching 2 Christmas movies yesterday!
Amber and her family also just adopted two adorable little Siamese kittens so I spent the evening with two sleepy babies in my arms.

My advent calendars this morning did not disappoint, my chocolate was delicious and I was very excited to see a glitter polish come out of the Ciate calendar today! It’s a gorgeous gold and black glitter which is so suitable to this time of year, because really from December 1st to January 1st there’s no such thing as too much glitter.

Today’s movie was Fred Claus, which was a really unique twist on a classic Christmas movie and I really enjoyed it! (It’s on Netflix if you’re looking for it)
I was cruising Pinterest which is where all good D.I.Y crafts are born and stumbled upon the CUTEST Christmas Garland, so of course I decided to create my own using the Pinterest link as inspiration.

You will need : Scissors, glue, tape, cupcake cases in Christmas colours, string of any kind

First thing you want to do is flatten out your cupcake cases, you’ll need 3 per tree so you can mix them up like I did, or you can make them all the same colour, it’s up to you.
Also you can buy all the supplies for this at your local dollar store if you don’t already have them at home which is a bonus.

Once you’ve flattened your cases you’re going to want to fold them in have twice until you have a triangle, at this point you’ll want to glue the flaps closed.

Once you have three glued, you lay them on top of one another and glue them together to create a tree shape.

After you’ve made as many trees as you want (I went with 16) you’ll want to tape them to your string at an even distance, make sure you’re taping the string to the back side of the tree!

Voila! You have a really cute Christmas garland, I cut mine up and hung it on some shelves, but you could leave yours long and put it on your tree, or hang them over doors; whatever you desire. This is also a great craft to do with your children! It took me about an hour to make mine, so it doesn’t take up too much time and looks really beautiful.

That’s it for today!
Please let me know if you re-create this craft because I would love to see it! And let me know in the comments what you think of Blogmas so far!
Until next time my loves,
**Photo taken from google, the rest I took myself.