Friday Favourite

Today’s Friday favourite is a little different, but I started this blog because I want to write about things that I love and enjoy, so without further ado, my Friday favourite this week is my family.
I’ve had so many changes in my life recently and my family has been my support system through it all. These people make my life completely worth living, I’ve never felt like I wasn’t capable of something as long as I had them there cheering me on. My whole life they’ve done nothing but encourage me to be the best person I can be without putting pressure on me to be someone they wanted me to be. I love the person that I have become and my family has a large part to play in it.
My sisters are my rocks, my best friends, they’ve filled the passed 22 years of my life with more love and joy than I could ever have hoped to have received. Although, like all siblings we’ve had our ups and downs, we’re always there for each other no matter what, I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without them.
My sisters husband has been around pretty much as long as I can remember, more than half my life and I’m so glad he’s a member of our family. but most of all I love how happy he makes my sister, which is the most important thing to me.
I love all of these people with all of my heart, I am a better person for being a member of this family, and I sincerely thank them for everything they’ve done for me and I hope they know that I would do anything for them.

Music Monday has returned

SO SO SO SO SORRY! it has been so long since I posted but I have had a HECTIC couple of months. I graduated from college, moved home and started a fantastic new job! But I vow to do my very best to get my blog up and running again, as you can see I did some updating which I am very happy with, I figure new chapter of my life, new blog theme 🙂 Let’s get on with it then shall we!
A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of going to see Taylor Swift play at the Rogers Center here in Toronto and it was an unbelievable show, Taylor Swift has amazing stage presence and is great at connecting with the audience, having been a Taylor Swift fan for years I was so jazzed to see her and she did not disappoint, one of the best concerts I’ve been to in a while. But, her opening act is the person I’m going to be blogging about today because I was blown away by his performance.
Ed Sheeran is someone I had heard of before, and of course I know his most popular songs like ‘The A team’ but I had never really taken the time to sit down and listen to his album and I’m a little disappointed in myself for that because after watching him live I wish I could say I had been able to sing along with all of the other great songs that he played. I was entranced during his set, he has so much energy and charisma that it’s hard to look away from this adorable ginger while he’s playing.
If you’ve never heard of Ed Sheeran, he’s a British singer-song writer who became extremely popular in North America in 2012, he’s won Brit’s and performed with Elton John, needless to say his fame escalated extremely quickly, and after watching him play I can absolutely see why.
My favourite thing about his set is that he uses something called a “loop” which is a machine capable of recording a chord progression or voice riff and then playing it back as many times as you want, and it’s all controlled with a foot pedal. I was so impressed by it! And it made his set that much more audience friendly to see him playing his music in such a unique way. If you haven’t heard of him or listened to him I would absolutely recommend that you do because Ed Sheeran is a great artist and I am happy to say I have officially added his music to my itunes.

Whimsical Wednesday

Good afternoon!
The weather has actually been quite lovely the passed few days, so I decided todays Whimsical Wednesday post would be my top 5 things to keep in your purse/backpack for spring/summer!
Number one: A bottle of water. Once the weather gets lovely and warm, it’s so easy to drink your morning coffee or tea and forget that as you sweat in the heat your body is losing water! So, keep a water bottle with you at all times to stay hydrated through the day to prevent things like heat stroke, head aches, chapped lips, and all sorts of nasty stuff. Also, try and make it a re-usable water bottle that you can re-fill at home or on the go to be a little more environmentally friendly.
Number two: A granola bar or tupperware of trail mix ( or any kind of yummy snack) I know I have a tendency to be a lot more active when the weather is nice, so I think it’s really important to have a little snack with you just incase you’re out on a run or a walk or something and you start to get hungry. Its important to stay hydrated and keep your blood sugar at a regular level!
Number three: A small tube of sunscreen! Even though it’s not quite summer time yet the UV rays from the sun are still brutal in the spring (Thanks to climate change and the hole in the ozone layer), and it’s hard to notice when there’s a lovely breeze, but your skin is still susceptible to getting burnt! I know I have very fair skin so I like to use a moisturizer with an SPF everyday, but I also keep a little tube in my purse just in case I notice the sun is particularly strong some days.
Number four: A tinted lip balm(with an SPF if possible), keeping your lips hydrated is important in the nice weather too, and I find having a nice tinted balm is great when you wanna give your face a little pick-me-up with a cute pop of colour for spring or if you’re heading out for a date or coffee or something 🙂
Number five: blotting papers. I get pretty shiny and oily in the summer, so if i’m heading out for drinks or dont have time to go home and re-apply powder I like to have blotting papers in my purse to absorb the extra oil through the center of my face. I also don’t like the idea of having powder in my bag and caking it on over and over again throughout the day, so the blotting papers are a great alternative to that!
Hope this gives you guys some ideas!

Music Monday

Today was a one of the first Monday’s in I don’t know how long where I haven’t woken up dreading the day, today is the first day of my last week of college! So to celebrate this wonderful fact, I have been listening to a band that always puts a smile on my face because of their cheerful and optomistic sound! Bedouin Soundclash!
This Canadian band have been friends since they met at Queens University in Kingston, Ont. We all know their main hits and how catchy they are! but I love all of their albums, their debut album Root Fire is probably my favourite. They have such a hopeful sound, sort of a mix of reggae and pop and a little bit ska.
Their sound always puts a smile on my face and this week I feel like I will be listening to a lot of them! So if you dont know much Bedouin I would absolutely suggest giving them a listen because they provide a wonderful pick me up! 🙂

whimsical wednesday

Todays post is going to be a little different, because I’ve been having one of those days where I’m just feeling really low and it’s a bummer. So I decided for my whimsical wednesday post I would do the top five things I do when I’m having a crappy day to make me happy and maybe if you’re reading this and you’re having a bad day, or happen to have one in the future, my top five things to make me happy will inspire you to do something that will brighten your bad day.

Number one: As terrible and materialistic as it sounds, my favourite thing to do on a bad day is shop. Sometimes this back fires and I end up feeling worse because clothes don’t fit right and what not, but most of the time if I go and even just walk around some shops it gives me ideas for gifts, or inspires me to create a new outfit with the clothes I already have or I’ll buy a couple of things and create a new outfit that way. And lets be real, buying new stuff always feels really nice, whether if be for you or a gift.
Number two: Listen to music. When I’m having a crappy day I like to listen to music that makes me happy, which can be anything from The Beatles to Shania Twain. This makes me happy because I can think back to a fun time I had while listening to that music, or just the beat can make me smile and feel good. Typically I will avoid sad music like Coldplay or City and Colour because that just gets me even more down.
Number three: Do something nice for someone else, even if it’s just holding the door for someone, or helping out one of my roommates with an assignment. Doing something nice for someone else makes me feel better about myself and also gives me hope that good things come back around, you know, karma and what not. I also like to help people because maybe they’re having a bad day too, and my kindness will make their day better, even if just for a second.
number four: Bake. I love to bake! and I find it very relaxing and therapeutic, so when I make something that comes out looking beautiful and tasting great I feel like i’ve accomplished something lovely that I can then share with other people (Number three!). And sweet treats make everyone a little happier I think.
Number five: Cuddle up with a cup of tea and a book or a movie. Sometimes, all the other 4 things just aren’t working for me, so I make a big cup of tea and watch a good movie or read a book because sometimes you just need to escape to a different world, even if just for an hour. I’ll pick up whatever book I’m reading and get lost, and I love to read so I do find this gets my mind off whatever was bothering me and gets me excited about the story line of the book I’m reading or movie I’m watching. Normally on these days I’ll put on one of my favourite movies like Lord Of The Rings or High Fidelity or something that I know I enjoy and escape in.

So there you have it, I hope this inspires some of you to brighten a bad day, and it was nice to be able to share it with you all.

Music monday!

Hi everyone! again, so sorry about the lack of blogging, but being a student can be quite busy and I’ve had a lot of work and assignments due in the passed couple of weeks!
The weather here in London has been pretty awful which I find can get me down when it’s dark and gloomy for more than a couple of days, so to get me in a happy and cheerful mood I have been listening to a lot of Jack Johnson lately!
Jack Johnson is a musician from Hawaii which is really reflected in his music. It has a great islandy, happy, summery sound which I find can make me smile on the gloomiest of days.
I saw him live in Barrie, Ont a few years ago at an outdoor concert and it was absolutely unbelievable! he had a great connection with the audience and amazing stage presence, he also sounds pretty much the exact same live as he does on his albums. I’ve been to a few shows where I was disappointed with the difference between the artist recorded and the artist live, but there were absolutely no disappointments at this show!
Currently he has 5 albums out and all of them are great, I’d have to say my favourite is In Between Dreams, but his newest album To The Sea is great as well.
He did the whole sound track to the film curious george which is also a really happy, sunshiney album composed of sing-a-longs and lullabies.
Jack Johnsons record label (Brushfire Records) built a sustainable record studio which they called brushfire Eco studios, which was created with things like solar panels, wall instulations from 100% post consumer waste, recycled shingles and a duro-last green roof, which I think is absolutely fanstastic, especially being a horticulture student.
His label includes people like Matt Costa and G.Love, who are also great artists with similar, mellow sound.
If you haven’t already heard Jack Johnson, or just want something new and lovely to listen to on a gloomy day, I would absolutely suggest him because his music never fails to put a smile on my face and make me think of sunshine and camping and frisbee and the wonderful times I’ve had during the summer months with all the beautiful people in my life.

tea tuesday!

Good evening!
We had a wonderful taste of spring here in London over the weekend, Sunday the temperature hit 14 degrees and I was loving the feeling of spring! Today however it is snowing and awful and cold outside, so to get the feeling of spring back in my life I’ve been enjoying a tea from David’s tea spring line called pink flamingo
This tea makes me think of spring just with the smell of it, it smells like grapefruit and lemon. It’s taste is absolutely wonderful and fresh with hibiscus, apple, carrot, blackberry, lemon grass tangerine and orange, and it is an herbal tea so it is completely caffeine free so you can enjoy it later in the evening without fear of being kept awake, although I had a cup this morning and found that the smell of citrus did wake up my senses!
I’ve been enjoying it as a hot tea, but I am positive this will be absolutely lovely as an iced tea once the spring weather comes for good.
Pink flamingo is sweet but it also has a great citrus taste behind the sweetness which makes it comforting and puts the thought of spring weather and sunshine in my mind, which puts a smile on my face, especially in the terrible weather we’ve had today.
If you’re looking for a great, fruity tasting tea to get you in the mood for tea, stop by David’s tea and get a cup of pink flamingo!