LUSH Easter Collection Haul!

Hello beautiful people!
Hopefully you all had exciting weekends and Monday isn’t treating you too badly!

The other day I was wandering through the mall and noticed that LUSH has their Easter collection out! Now I know I don’t need to justify the fact that I just absolutely had to pick up some of the cute stuff they have available right now!

First up I grabbed the Fluffy egg bath ballistic ($5.95) because it smells like marshmallows and cotton candy! Super sweet, bright pink and girly!

Next is the immaculate eggception in yellow ($12.95), they have a pink one as well but I preferred the scent of the yellow one; It smells like vanilla and grapefruit, very fresh but also comforting. Since this one is so big, you can crack it in half and get 2 baths out of it, but it also has a secret surprise inside!

I absolutely had to get the bunch of carrots ($12.95) because they look so real! Each one is a bubble bar, so you crumble it under running water and you’ll have yourself an orange bubble bath.
These smell like lemon and bergamot, very fruity and fresh, each one should give you at least one bath, or more if you don’t like a lot of bubbles!

Finally I picked up hoppity poppity ($4.95) which is a little bunny bath bomb that smells very earthy. It has lavender, lime and violet which isn’t something I would typically go for, but I really liked it in the store so I’m eager to give this one a go in the tub!

They had a few more cute products for Easter, but these four were my favourite!
Let me know if you’ve picked up any of the new LUSH collection and what your favourites are!
Until next time loves!

8 thoughts on “LUSH Easter Collection Haul!

  1. These are such gorgeous pictures! I’ve never purchased any of the Easter products before but I’m really looking forward to when they’re released in Australia. I’ve heard it should be in a few weeks.

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