Saje Natural Wellness!

Hello beautiful people!
Today’s post is going to be a bit of a different one, I want to talk about a company called Saje Natural Wellness.
Saje is a Canadian company dedicated to natural healing, skin care, candles and other gifts using 100% all natural products that promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

I recently discovered them because my friend Nicole suggested an essential oil remedy for my headaches, which I talked about in my last post.
Saje has an array of different blends of essentials oil’s for all different kinds of ailments, from headaches, to allergies to arthritis pain even for snoring!
When you walk into a Saje location, you’re offered tea and welcomed warmly into the store, the sales associated are very friendly and knowledgeable, but they don’t hover. They allow you to explore the store, but they’re always close by if you have any questions.

After my first visit, I decided I would go on to their website to see what else they had to offer, and I discovered a little machine called a nebulizer.
A nebulizer is heat free, negative ionizer that purifies the air in a room, which helps to eliminate allergens and dust as well as deodorizing. It works in a similar way to a humidifier except it produces cold steam.  You add essential oil blends to the water and it fills the room with a beautiful scent, and each diffuser blend is meant to meet your different moods.

I have the aroma cloud nebulizer, which has a little band that changes colour while it’s running which I find very relaxing, and it can run for 2-4 hours consistently without needing the water tank re-filled, or obviously longer if you’re turning it on and off.

Some of the oil bends come in kits, I picked the relaxation kit, which comes with:
Spa spirit : which is meant to purify the air and de-congest your respiratory system with eucalyptus oil, benzoin and peru balsam oil. This smells exactly like a spa, when I use this blend before I go to sleep I can really feel myself relax and calm down, which helps me to sleep much better.

Rain Forest: This smells a bit earthier, with pine and balsam oils. It’s meant to clear the mind and refresh the spirit. I use this one when I’m sitting reading a book, or working on my blog because I find it’s almost like sitting on the deck of a cottage.

Unwind: This is one of my favourites, it smells citrusy and warm. It has bergamot, orange and lavender oils in it, which help you to settle down at the end of a long day. I like to bring my neb into the bathroom and use this blend while I’m having a bath, it’s meant to balance the immune system, and release tension.

Tranquility: This blend is meant to promote a peaceful night’s sleep with lavender, chamomile and marjoram oils. Honestly it works, I use this one while I’m watching TV or reading, and I find I have the best sleep on nights when I’ve used this an hour or two before bed time.

They also have kits for happiness, good health, peacefulness and meditation.

I have 3 blends that didn’t come in a kit:
Gratitude: Has spearmint, lavender, vanilla and pepper oils which are supposed to relax and calm you. I like to use this one any time really, when I’m working or relaxing, it’s just a very pleasing smell.

Peppermint twist: This one smells like a peppermint hot chocolate, it has peppermint and vanilla which again, has a very fresh and pleasing smell that really wakes up your senses and makes you more alert.

Liquid sunshine: This one is very citrusy with orange, lime, grapefruit and bergamot. This blend is meant to uplift you and it really does, being someone who suffers with anxiety and panic attacks, I’ll use this blend on days when I’m feeling a little blue and it really does lift me up.

I know this kind of thing isn’t for everyone, but I find that this helps me with my own struggles and I think it could help other people who have bad days, or even just want to reduce allergens from a room!

The remedies really do work as well! So even if you weren’t interested in the oil blends I would suggest trying the remedy blends, because I haven’t taken an ibuprofen for a headache since January, that’s how well peppermint Halo works!

Don’t forget to come back for my next post, which may or may not be a LUSH haul!
Until next time my loves,

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