Layering with ModCloth!

Hello beautiful people!

Today I want to talk about layering. In the winter this can be a crucial yet cute way to keep warm and still look good while you do it! Using clothes from ModCloth, I’m going to show you guys how I like to layer!
ModCloth is a clothing website that has a very wide variety of styles for women of all shapes and sizes. A lot of their clothing has quite a vintage feel, and some of it is also very casual; it’s definitely a website that carries unique and adorable clothes, with something for everyone. After working on this post, I’m definitely going to need to place an order, because I saw about 1000 things I want to get! If you haven’t checked out their site, please do! You will not be sorry.


I decided to go with a bold cardigan and a cute collared shirt to go underneath.
I picked a plain white tank to wear underneath the blouse because white tops can be a little sheer, and the tank offers coverage as well as an additional layer of warmth, and really who doesn’t need a good basic tank?
The collared shirt has beautiful pleating and lace detailing around the collar, but I particularly love that it doesn’t have sleeves, because I hate when sleeves get bunchy under a sweater. This blouse has a nice fit: it’s slightly slouchy, but I feel like it would still be flattering on curvier figures, and the lace adds an air of sexiness while still being sophisticated.
The cardigan is really the star of the show; I went with yellow because people (myself included) have a tendency to wear a lot of deep colours in the winter, so I thought this cardigan could really brighten up the look! I also love the scallop detailing around the collar, and the fact that it’s two-toned adds interest without taking away from the shirt underneath. A cardigan is going to keep you warm, while still being fashionable, not to mention ModCloth has some of the cutest cardigans and sweaters  I’ve ever seen.

I would pair this kind of top ensemble with dark jeans, booties, a nice warm jacket and some mittens to keep your hands toasty.

Modcloth really is a great site to pick up unique pieces for a reasonable price. Like I said, I will definitely be placing an order very soon!
Leave me a comment letting me know how you like to layer your look!
Until next time,

**DISCLAIMER: All photos were taken from (link provided above), if you would like me to take them down, please contact me via the e-mail provided in my “about me” page**

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