Too Faced La Belle Carousel Review and Swatches!

Hello beautiful people and Happy New Year!
Hopefully you all had a safe and fun new year’s eve! I went to my sister Jen’s place for a small get together, where we ended up in an intense game of charades playing girls versus boys. After midnight Carmen and I headed to one of his friend’s houses and had a nice time chatting and catching up with some of his buddies.
2014 was an amazing year, but I’m super excited for what 2015 has to offer and all the goals I’m hoping to achieve!

For Christmas, Carmen got me the Too Faced La Belle Carousel (which I had been eyeing for ages), so I thought I’d review & swatch it for you guys!
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I am a massive fan of Too Faced as a brand, especially for face and eye products – and let me tell you this gift set did not disappoint in the quality department! Not to mention it has adorable packaging.

I love that it comes apart into 6 mini palettes, making them super easy to travel with or throw into your hand bag.

In this set you get 12 eye shadows, 2 bronzers, 2 blushes and a deluxe sample of the better than sex mascara – which you guys know I love!

The eye shadow palettes are beautiful – you get a couple more neutral options and then this gorgeous smoky silver and green option which I’m very excited to play with.
There’s a nice mix of matte, shimmer and glitter shades which makes this palette so easy to use for beginners or pro’s!

This is definitely the most neutral quad in the set, I love it because you can really achieve so many different looks with just these 4 shadows.
From left to right you have: Tuffed suede which is a matte cream colour, Angel hair which is a beautiful gold shimmer, Haute Chocolate which is a shimmery chocolate-brown colour, and Yule log which is a deep brown with flecks of gold glitter.

This quad is slightly more playful and girly with some pinks and purples. I love these for everyday, but again you could achieve so many different looks.
From left to right : Nutcracker which is a satin white, Nude beach which is a gorgeous gold-bronze with flecks of gold glitter,  Boxes & bows which is a shimmery coral, and Sugar plum fairy which is a deep purple with tiny flecks of silver glitter.

This quad is very sexy and smoky, I will definitely be wearing these on a night out soon!
From left to right: Frost which speaks for itself as a white with glitter, Tin solider is a gorgeous charcoal shimmer,  Christmas tree is a beautiful forest green shade with small flecks of green glitter, and Santa’s boots is a black shadow with blue glitter.
All of these shadows have gorgeous pigmentation and are incredibly buttery, so they blend out like magic.

Despite being part of the holiday set, this duo has intense summer colours. The bronzer is Sun Bunny Dark which is quite shimmery – I’ll definitely be wearing it in the warmer months to add some more colour to my face, but as for this time of year I think I’ll stick to my matte bronzer.
The blush is Luminous peach which looks really nice with my pale skin, I’ve worn this a couple of times already and really like the effect it gives!

This duo is right up my alley, the matte chocolate soleil bronzer is already a favourite of mine, and the blush Who’s Your Poppy? is a beautiful pink shade that I love wearing when I’m having a light make-up day.

I wont drone on about the mascara because I’ve already had it in a favourites post, but I am very excited to have a hand bag size to add to my collection!

All in all I’m so impressed with this set! Too Faced gets another huge thumbs up from Laura.
If you’ve never tried their stuff I would definitely suggest going to check it out, their products are cruelty free and incredibly easy to use no matter what you’re skill level is.
A huge thanks to my man for giving this to me – I am a very lucky lady indeed.

That’s it for today my loves!
Until next time,