Blogmas day 20! – Another festive mani & outfit of the day

Hello beautiful people!
Hopefully your Saturday has been fun and festive so far! only 5 days until Christmas!!
Last night was a lot of fun at Kate and Wes’s; we ended up watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, which to be honest I didn’t like very much. All the other kids are so mean to Charlie Brown, and I know he’s a bit of a Debbie downer but that’s no need to call him names all the time!

Today was a bit of a busy day for me, I got up and went to the salon to get my hair coloured and cut. Just a small trim and a few highlights put in, nothing super exciting.
When I got home I opened my calendars! Only 4 more days of chocolate and nail polish!

I decided to give myself another festive manicure, because I keep getting all these incredible glitters in my advent calendar. I went for a red again, but this time I threw some gold and black glitter over top and it turned out really pretty.


Carmen and I are heading to a little Christmas party at his Mom’s house tonight, so I thought I’d tell you guys what I decided to wear.
Sorry about the mirror selfie, I didn’t have anyone to take a photo of me.
I went with dark jeans, the peplum top I wore on my birthday and a red cardigan, which I think is very festive and classy.

Today’s Christmas movie was Happy Christmas which I found on Netflix. I picked it because Anna Kendrick is in it and I love her, but I found the movie to be odd and not very interesting. If you were thinking of giving that one a watch, I would say skip it.

Enjoy the rest of your night!
Until tomorrow,

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