Blogmas day 1! – Decorating for the holidays!

Hello beautiful people! And Happy December 1st! It is officially the first day of Blogmas and I’m so excited!
I woke up this morning and could not wait to open my advent calendars! I have a kinder chocolate one and the Ciate mini mani month advent as well, so I’ll be starting each post off with those!

I also helped my mom with her Christmas shopping and managed to finish mine off, which I am super pumped about! Now I can finally start wrapping them up and putting them under the tree!

The Christmas movie I’ll be watching once I’m finished with this post is going to be Miracle on 34th street because believe it or not I have actually never seen it!

Now for me Christmas isn’t complete without all the beautiful decorations, so over the weekend I decorated my house and thought I’d share some pictures with you guys.
Since I’m the only Hill sister still left at home I have the bathroom to myself (finally!) and thought it would be fun to add some Christmas character!

I also put my Christmas sheets on my bed and hung some fairy lights on my bookshelf to make my room feel festive!

Carmen and I bought ourselves a tiny tree and some stockings a couple of years ago, so we have our own little tradition to decorate that and hang our stockings which we fill for each other with little gifts and candy. I really love that we have our own tradition and the tree is just so cute!

Even though I’m the only one still at home my sisters still come over to help decorate the big tree at my parent’s house, which has always been a Hill family tradition and the past few years we’ve had some new additions with my brother in-law Wes and Carmen joining in on the fun. We take turns hanging ornaments and listening to our favourite Christmas CD, this has to be one of my favourite things to do at the start of the holiday season!
I’d love to see some of your decorations! leave me comment letting me know what your favourite thing to do at the beginning of the season is!
That’s it for Blogmas day 1! I hope you guys enjoy this little series, I’m super excited to be doing it!
Until tomorrow,

4 thoughts on “Blogmas day 1! – Decorating for the holidays!

  1. Hey Laura, I love the bed sheets/cover! Very nice tree with lights on the shelf right next to it! It’s very cozy looking. I love your title to this blog post. I bought these bell napkin rings a few years ago. Now I need to find a good cloth napkin to put inside of it for the table. I find myself leaning toward the thick paper napkins. There’s still something about cloth napkins. I want to put them on really hot heat in the washer but I just now it’ll ruin them. You said you finished your shopping. What was your favorite store you visited from the stores you actually made purchases at?

    • Thanks for the great comment! I agree that thick paper napkins are probably the way to go, cloth ones can stain and be ruined after one use.
      Chapters and home outfitters had great christmas displays and the stores stayed organized despite the chaos of the holiday season. Id say those two were probably my favourite!

  2. Wow! Beautiful decorations! And I thought it’s early to decorate my apartment..seems not:) And nice Christmas sheets you have!

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