My first Inglot palette!

Hello beautiful people!
I hope you all had a beautiful weekend and a happy thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians, hopefully you all enjoyed good food & some family time!

A few months ago Inglot cosmetics opened a location here in Toronto and last week I finally got a chance to go downtown and see what it was all about. The people in the store were super friendly and helpful and explained how their products and palette system worked.
The freedom system at inglot allows you to customize a palette whether it’s a quad of eye shadows or three shadows and two blushes, they have a wide variety of sizes for any kind of palette you’d want to try out and the prices are exceptional.
I went for the five shadow palette and I’m so unbelievably impressed with the quality of these babies!
They’re so buttery and soft but the pigmentation is insane! Not to mention they last literally all day with a lid primer, no creasing, no smudging – nothing. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the quality versus the price, the palette itself is $12.00 and then the shadows are 10$ each, so with tax I paid $70.06 for five shadows that are amazing quality and the pan size is much larger than that of mac or any other brand I’ve encountered.
With these a little goes a long way, one swirl if my brush covers one whole lid so it’s not like I’m going back for a seconds and thirds which is always a great thing to have in a shadow.
On to the colours, I picked two matte shades and three shimmery shades, unfortunately inglot doesn’t name their shadows so they’re just numbers! From left to right, 390,11,154,153,329.
I did go for quite neutral colours but that’s just because I get to most use out of these kinds of shades for everyday wear, but since they’re so amazing I’ll definitely go back and get a few more shades to play around with.

If you have an inglot near you or you live in Toronto and you haven’t checked it out yet I would definitely suggest going because these really are some of the best shadows I’ve ever used in terms of formulation and staying power.
That’s my little review of my first inglot palette, let me know if you’ve tried some of these and what you think!
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until next time my loves,

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