Top 5 favourite fall Bath and Body Works candles!

Hello beautiful people!
Today is the last installment of my fall top 5’s for September! I can’t believe how quickly the month has gone by!
For my final top 5 post I’m going to be writing about my  favourite fall candles from Bath and Body Works. If I’m totally honest I’m pretty bad at describing smells, so you’ll all just have to go in and smell them for yourselves!
I love Bath and Body Works candles because they’re super unique smells and because they almost always have some kind of deal on, whether it be buy 3 get 3 free or 10 dollars of a purchase of 30 you always get a huge amount of product for your money when you go in there. On with the candles!

Number one: Warm Vanilla Sugar
This is probably my favourite BBW scent of all time, it’s super sweet and warm and I just find it incredibly comforting. The vanilla scent isn’t over powering, when I walk into my bedroom after burning this I instantly feel happy and at home.

Number two: Leaves

This one is a new favourite for me, it’s a little bit of a spicier scent but not in a dramatic way. It sort of smells like the first steps you take out of your house on a late fall morning; it’s very pleasant and welcoming. The past few times people have come over they’ve asked what I’ve been burning because they like it so much.

Number three: Spiced cider
One of our family traditions for thanksgiving is to go up to our cottage and we always have apple cider which is my favourite hot drink of all time, so when I burn this candle it reminds me of my family and how much I love being with them during the holidays. It smells exactly like what you’d expect it to, sweet and spicy warm apple cider

Number four: Pumpkin cupcake

It wouldn’t be fall if I didn’t include something pumpkin scented. This candle smells like someone spent the day baking, it literally makes your mouth water, it’s very sweet with a tiny hint of spice and the warmth of cupcakes fresh from the oven. It doesn’t have a lot of pumpkin in the scent but just enough that you can tell it’s there, I burn this one when I’m in the mood for sweets or when the weather starts to get really cold.

Number five: Harvest coffee

I’m cheating a little bit with this one because it reminds me of Christmas but I prefer to burn it in the fall. The scent reminds me of when my parents would brew coffee on Christmas morning before they would let my sister and I open our gifts. But I prefer to burn it around this time of year because it’s earthy and rich which is a nice change from all the fruity and fresh candles I was burning all summer. This also smells slightly like chocolate, so it’s a good one to have around when I’m craving some!

Those are my top 5 favourite bath and body works candles! leave me a comment telling me what some of your favourites are!
until next time,