Top 5 Lipsticks for Fall

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Again I apologize for the tardiness of this post! Just such a hectic weekend and the of course technical difficulties had to come into play. I hope you all had a beautiful weekend and that your Monday hasn’t been too grim.

As we have come into September I thought it would be fun to do a little series here on Laauraborealis for a couple of reasons; 1. because I love themes and 2. Because I love fall! So every Sunday I will be posting my “Fall Top 5’s” today’s being my top 5 fall lipsticks 

Getting into cooler weather I always like to switch into the deeper lipsticks that you can’t necessarily get away with during the summer months except for a night out, and around this time of the year I always start to crave a good berry lip! As I’m sure all us beauty addicts do, I have quite a few lipsticks in my collection but I’ve scavenged through it and picked out my favourites for you guys which area a good mix of drug store and high end!

Number one: Topshop lipstick in the Colour ‘Called up’
I picked this up last fall and fell completely in love with the shade, it’s a gorgeous merlot kind of berry colour. It’s slightly more purple than red which I find gorgeous for this time of year and quite flattering for fair skin tones like mine. The formulation is nice and creamy and smells like vanilla! I do find this long lasting, obviously I have to re-apply after eating but for the most part it lasts a good few hours before I feel like I need to add a little more through the center of my lips. I believe this retails in the Canadian Topshop’s for around 10-15$ which is a great price for the quality of the product, I also think the packaging is super cute.

Number two: YSL Rougé Volupté shine lipstick in the colour 1 which is called ‘Brun insecure’ ($39)
This is definitely the best high end berry lipstick I’ve ever used, not only do I feel absolutely fabulous when I pull this baby out of my purse the product itself is incredible. It has the typical YSL peachy scent and the formulation is a little more on the glossy side which I love because you still get a great splash of colour on your lips but you do not need a lip liner what so ever. It’s got good pigmentation with a darker red/brown tint but not as opaque as a typical lipstick which I think adds a nice softness to your face depending on the look you have going on, as this is slightly glossier I find I do have to re-apply more often but I really don’t mind because it’s a gorgeous lipstick. It’s very hydrating and slightly shimmery which I really like. It is quite pricey at forty dollars but it could be a really luxurious Christmas present or you could just spoil yourself and pick one up because they are awesome!

Number three: Kate Moss for Rimmel London lasting finish lipstick in the colour 09
Every girl needs a good red in her collection for fall because it pairs beautifully with winged liner which is a look I LOVE to sport during the colder months. This colour from Kate Moss is my favourite red for my skin-tone because it’s quite a deep red with a tiny hint of purple to make it slightly berry toned but still very red, these lipsticks are so creamy and highly pigmented with a very sweet scent that reminds me of candy, not to mention they’re ridiculously affordable at $8.

Number four: Kate Moss for Rimmel London lasting finish lipstick in the colour 12
Another Kate Moss lipstick! These actually make up a lot of my collection but this colour is definitely an orange as opposed to a berry or a red. The formulation and the scent are the same, but I really like wearing this in Sept/Oct because it’s not such a deep colour but it still adds warmth to the look and it reminds me of the leaves changing. I had tried a few oranges before I landed on this one and I think it’s perfect for me because it’s not super yellow, it’s almost a little more of a pink orange which I like a lot. Go pick one of these up if you haven’t already because they’re the best!

Number five: Marc Jacobs matte lip gel in the colour 142 ‘pout’ ($36)
I’ve talked about this in a previous favourites post so I won’t gas on forever about it, but I feel like nudes can be really gorgeous in the fall with a really smoky eye. I love this one because it’s matte but it’s not super powdery looking on the lip, and because it’s a gel formulation it hydrates my lips really nicely. I believe this was limited edition so I try not to use it A LOT because once I run out I’ll never get another one  It’s the only peachy nude I have in my collection so if you know if any dupes or you have any other suggestions please let me know!

Those are my top 5 lipsticks for fall! Let me know what some of your holy-grail lipsticks are for the colder months! & let me know if you want to see more series on Laauraborealis because I’m really excited about this one!
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