August Favourites!

Hello beautiful people! Happy September! I cannot explain how excited I am that we’re finally getting closer to fall; I actually couldn’t wait and put my fall bed sheets on yesterday! (yes, I have seasonal bed sheets) To those of you who are off work today, I hope you’re enjoying your labour day Monday; to those of you starting school this week I hope it goes well and good luck!
September is going to be a super excited month here on Laauraborealis because I’m going to be posting some of my “Fall Top 5’s” every Sunday of the month, so keep your eyes open this Sunday for the very first one!

In the middle of August I actually went through my whole make up collection and threw out a bunch of stuff that was far too old to still have, and gave a lot of things I wasn’t loving away to friends and family which gave me a perfect opportunity to re-discover things I had in my stash that I had completely forgotten about and to pick up a few new things of course, haha!

First up is something that’s fairly new in the drug stores (In Canada) and since most of the products I threw out were mascara’s I thought I’d pick up a new one. The Revlon Bold Lacquer by grow luscious mascara(12$) is a product I was super excited to try because I used to use the original formulation and completely loved it so seeing this one I just had to get it. It’s a great mascara for everyday if you’re looking for length and I’d say a medium build up of volume, this is definitely not the most voluminous mascara I’ve ever used but I don’t like tones for my day to day looks so I’m really enjoying this. It doesn’t flake too much and I don’t get any transfer underneath my eyes or under the brow bone which is a huge bonus in my books. It separates and lengthens my lashes beautifully and coats evenly in a gorgeous super black formula which adds a tiny bit of drama to the look which I like a lot, honestly, I just love Revlon in general so I really didn’t expect to be disappointed in this product.

This next product is a bronzer that I got last winter but wasn’t sure I really loved it and then forgot about because I was so on the fence about it, BUT I re-discovered it in August and am so terribly sorry that I ever neglected it. The Laura Mercier Bronzing powder is a gorgeous shimmery bronzer that come’s split into two different shades, a lighter kind of muddy brown shade and then a darker shade that’s a little bit similar to NARS Laguna. I was really weary about this because of how dark it seemed in the pan and the amount of shimmer in it since I have such a fair complexion. To be honest, I need to be VERY light handed when applying this, and I definitely do not use it to contour but when I’m applying the smallest amount sort of all over the high points of my face and down my neck it gives me the most gorgeous sun kissed look. I was reaching for this over my matte bronzers all month because it just makes my skin look so healthy and radiant, and the shimmer doesn’t come out on the skin as intensely as it looks in the pan at all. Unfortunately they don’t actually make this one anymore and I can’t remember how much it cost, but she does have a baked bronzer in her collection that is absolutely gorgeous and if it’s anything like this one I’ll be getting it.

The last make up item is a lipstick and it’s from the L’Oreal collection privèe line ($9)which is a line of nudes inspired by certain celebrities and their skin tones. I chose the Julianne Moore nude because she is fair and light haired/eyed like myself, and I have absolutely been loving using this as my everyday lipstick. It’s quite a pink nude, but a very your lips but better kind of colour, you definitely can’t really tell that I have lipstick on but my lips just look nice with a little pop of pigment. It smells quite floral which I don’t mind and the formula is super creamy and hydrating, this doesn’t dry my lips out at all. I don’t love the packaging, it feels quite cheap and plastic but the lid locks really tightly so I don’t have to worry about it coming off in my purse. This shade is a great addition to my collection and it’ll definitely keep a place in my make-up bag through September.

My one and only skin care favourite for August is the Origins Eye Doctor eye cream, this stuff is absolutely incredible. I use this at night and wake up with the most hydrated and smooth under eyes ever, it has a really light feel which allows a little to go a very long way and it smells like cucumbers which I find so refreshing especially right before bed. It just feels so luxurious and like you’re really doing your eyes a solid, although it is quite pricey at $40 BUT as I said the size of a rice grain will hydrate your whole under eye area so it will last you a while. If you suffer from dry under eyes or even just have a tendency to get a little dry when the weather changes I would 100% recommend this because it’s probably the best hydrating eye cream I’ve used in a long time.

My final favourite is a tool and it is not new to me or the beauty world but I’ve just been absolutely obsessed with using it all month. The Real Techniques expert face brush (12$) allowed me to apply my foundation so beautifully throughout august that I just never want to use any other brush. I don’t know what it was but whenever I used something different I didn’t like my complexion as much as when I used the expert face brush! I love this brush because it’s a great density that really allows you to buff the product onto your skin but it’s also not shaped perfectly round it’s almost ovular which really lets you get into the smaller nooks around your nose and gives you great control because it’s not too big of a brush head. The real techniques brushes in general are so soft and easy to clean; they’re definitely my favourite drug store brushes.

That’s it for my August favourites! Leave me comments because it makes me smile when you do & don’t forget to follow laauraborealis on blog lovin’ aswell!
You guys are the best, have a great week ❤
until next time, xoxo

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