Top 5 favourite fall Bath and Body Works candles!

Hello beautiful people!
Today is the last installment of my fall top 5’s for September! I can’t believe how quickly the month has gone by!
For my final top 5 post I’m going to be writing about my  favourite fall candles from Bath and Body Works. If I’m totally honest I’m pretty bad at describing smells, so you’ll all just have to go in and smell them for yourselves!
I love Bath and Body Works candles because they’re super unique smells and because they almost always have some kind of deal on, whether it be buy 3 get 3 free or 10 dollars of a purchase of 30 you always get a huge amount of product for your money when you go in there. On with the candles!

Number one: Warm Vanilla Sugar
This is probably my favourite BBW scent of all time, it’s super sweet and warm and I just find it incredibly comforting. The vanilla scent isn’t over powering, when I walk into my bedroom after burning this I instantly feel happy and at home.

Number two: Leaves

This one is a new favourite for me, it’s a little bit of a spicier scent but not in a dramatic way. It sort of smells like the first steps you take out of your house on a late fall morning; it’s very pleasant and welcoming. The past few times people have come over they’ve asked what I’ve been burning because they like it so much.

Number three: Spiced cider
One of our family traditions for thanksgiving is to go up to our cottage and we always have apple cider which is my favourite hot drink of all time, so when I burn this candle it reminds me of my family and how much I love being with them during the holidays. It smells exactly like what you’d expect it to, sweet and spicy warm apple cider

Number four: Pumpkin cupcake

It wouldn’t be fall if I didn’t include something pumpkin scented. This candle smells like someone spent the day baking, it literally makes your mouth water, it’s very sweet with a tiny hint of spice and the warmth of cupcakes fresh from the oven. It doesn’t have a lot of pumpkin in the scent but just enough that you can tell it’s there, I burn this one when I’m in the mood for sweets or when the weather starts to get really cold.

Number five: Harvest coffee

I’m cheating a little bit with this one because it reminds me of Christmas but I prefer to burn it in the fall. The scent reminds me of when my parents would brew coffee on Christmas morning before they would let my sister and I open our gifts. But I prefer to burn it around this time of year because it’s earthy and rich which is a nice change from all the fruity and fresh candles I was burning all summer. This also smells slightly like chocolate, so it’s a good one to have around when I’m craving some!

Those are my top 5 favourite bath and body works candles! leave me a comment telling me what some of your favourites are!
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fashion & random stuff haul!

Hello beautiful people!
I’ve done a bit of shopping over the past couple of weeks and thought I’d share what I picked up with you guys! It’s a little bit of everything from a few different stores!

From h&m I picked up 3 tops! The first one is a silky material with short sleeves and a little v in the front; I loved this as soon as I saw it because it’s white and covered in little red hearts. It’s a little bit slouchy but I still find is flattering for my figure, I’d wear this with dark jeans and really any kind of boot or shoe($20).

Next is a grey sort of stripy top that goes quite long in the back, it’s a jersey material and super comfy. I think it will look super cute with tights and a big cardigan and a scarf, it’s just a perfect casual t-shirt for fall ($20).

The last top I picked up is another t-shirt with a cartoon hand making a peace sign but I couldn’t resist because of the glittery red nail polish! Again I think this will look good with jeans or tights and a scarf or some cute boots; just another good comfy fall tee($15).

Next I went to forever 21 and picked up these booties ($32). I love that they’re grey because I feel like they’ll match absolutely everything, and the heel is super thick which makes them comfortable to walk in.

Then I found this great basic black dress in old navy ($30). I thought this was a great addition to my wardrobe for fall and winter because it will definitely look great with lots of different bottoms and shoes. I love basics because you can play them up so well with accessories, I could wear this with flats and a scarf to make it casual or with a statement necklace and some heels for a date night or event. It has a very flattering fit for my figure but is still cotton with a little bit of stretch which makes is super comfortable, I’m super happy with this purchase.

That’s it for clothing but I did go in to Davids Tea which is a Canadian loose leaf tea company that originated in Montreal. I like to get my teas from here because some of them are certified organic and they also just have incredibly unique flavours of tea as well as seasonal collections. I had a couple of gift cards to burn so I picked up a new thermos, this one is glass with a silicone slip to make sure you don’t burn your hands. It also has a little mesh basket with a lid so you can brew your loose leaf tea and drink it without having to worry about getting the tea leaves in your mouth! I also picked up a couple of teas to try out!

Last but not least is the product I’m most excited about picking up despite its price and it’s the new YSL Le teint encre de peau foundation ($64). I am in love with the product! It has a liquid to powder sort of formulation but just looks incredible on the skin, it also has quite a fresh scent; almost like cucumbers. It has a sort of weird spatula applicator but for hygiene purposes I just dump a little only the back of my hand and apply it with a brush. This has a pretty matte finish and I’d say medium to full coverage but it doesn’t budge all day despite its very light feel, and just has a beautiful effect on the skin. It makes your complexion look even and healthy, I would definitely recommend going to get a sample of this stuff because it is amazing, this will definitely be in my make-up bag for a long time.

Those are all the goodies I’ve picked up in my last few shopping trips! Leave me a comment letting me know what you think and if you’d like to see more of these posts.
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Top 5 fall fashion favourites!

Hello beautiful people!
Today it is officially the first day of fall so I figured it was perfect to do my top 5 fall fashion favourites for you!
I apologize because a lot of this is not new, I picked it up in the past couple of years but it’s easy to find similar things and obviously cater to your own style and I’m sure a lot of you already have things like these in your collection!

Number one: A leather (or pleather) jacket
Doesn’t matter what colour, mine is from zara from a couple years back ($80). I just think leather jackets look so nice in fall; it adds a bit of edge to your look but also keeps you warm as the colder weather rolls in without having to wear a big parka. Leather jackets are also perfect for layering! You can wear it over a dress with some tights or just jeans and a t-shirt if you’re having a really casual day, they’re just so easy to play with and that’s something I love about having this baby in my collection, you can create so many different looks.

Number two: boots!
Combat, thigh high, ankle, whatever your style I think these are a must for the colder weather. These are my two favourites to wear; the grey ones are from aldo from a couple of years ago($100), I love the rhinestones on them because I honestly just love a bit of glitter. These are great for days when I’m feeling a little bit more slouchy and just want something comfy and cute, I love wearing them with tights and a big cardigan or long shirt. The brown thigh highs I got last year around this time and they’re Steve Madden ($90) I like to wear these when I’m feeling a bit dressier and want to wear something a little more girly. I still like these with tights or jeans and a nice top or even a dress; again boots can be so versatile.

Number three: A nice leather purse
I got this navy Michael Kors bag last year ($375) Obviously you can use whatever you have or whatever fits into your budget, I bought this as a treat to myself after I finished work last summer. I love that it can be cross body or a shoulder bag and it’s a good size, it can still fit my make-up bag and wallet and hats and mittens when it comes to that time of year. I like to use a bigger bag in the colder months because I always feel like I need more things, I also really like that this bag has gold hardware; gold is just gorgeous for fall against all the darker colours that start to come out.

Number four: Scarves
I love scarves; I have a rather large collection because I feel like they can really pull an outfit together as well as keep you warm. The mint knit one I got as a Christmas gift from Carmen’s little brother last year so I’m not sure how much it cost but it’s from aldo and it’s probably one of the warmest scarves I own. The black one is from Zara and I like that it’s a little bit lighter so I can wear it when the weather isn’t super cold yet. As I said I feel like a scarf can either dress down an outfit or dress it up depending what kind of pieces you’re wearing.

Number five: Black tights
Okay, I think this one is just a given. Tights are one of the most versatile things in a girls wardrobe. You can wear them on their own with a cute top, or under a dress etc. These are from lulu lemon ($90) they were quite expensive but their thicker material so they don’t stretch out or lose their black pigment over time. I’ve had mine a year and they look the same as the day I bought them, and I wear them a lot! We all have days when we don’t feel like wearing jeans but we don’t want to wear sweats either, that’s where these babies come in, because you can still achieve a cute look and be comfortable!

Those are my top 5 fall fashion favourites! Let me know in the comments what some of yours are! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and keep your eyes peeled for the next few days as there may be a haul coming up very soon!
You guys are the best!
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Top 5 fall nail polishes!

Hello beautiful people!
I hope you all had an awesome weekend 
As you know every Sunday of September I’ll be posting a “fall top 5” and todays is going to be my top 5 nail polishes for fall!

First up is an Essie polish called ‘chinchilly’ (12$) I love this one because it’s a great transition colour from summer to fall. It’s not too dark but it’s definitely a cooler toned polish which makes it look a little bit deeper as we’re going into the colder months.

Next is a polish from Revlon called ‘Seductive’ (7$) this is a really deep purple shade that almost looks black. I love wearing this kind of shade in fall winter because I feel like it can add a little bit of edge to your look, especially if you’re heading to a party or out for dinner.

OPI “you don’t know Jacque’ (10$) is definitely one of my favourites for fall because it’s a gorgeous taupe that I think is just classy and sophisticated while still being dark and gorgeous. I always get asked what I have on my nails when I wear this shade.

As with lipsticks I always like to throw a nude polish into the rotation during the colder months and my favourite nude of all time is OPI “My vampire is buff’ (10$) it’s definitely more of a peachy nude as opposed to a brown nude which I think looks divine with every skin tone and you can always throw some glitter over top to make it a little more fun.

Last but definitely not least is Essie ‘Bahama mama’ (12$) which has a very beachy name but is a fairly dark purplely-red shade that I think is just a classic for fall. Every girl should have a colour like this in her nail polish collection because it adds a little bit of romance to a look without being too dark but it’s not your typical classic red which I think is a little over used.

So there you have it! My top 5 nail polishes for fall! Leave me a comment if you use any of these or if you have any recommendations.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!
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Top 5 Lipsticks for Fall

Hello beautiful people!
Again I apologize for the tardiness of this post! Just such a hectic weekend and the of course technical difficulties had to come into play. I hope you all had a beautiful weekend and that your Monday hasn’t been too grim.

As we have come into September I thought it would be fun to do a little series here on Laauraborealis for a couple of reasons; 1. because I love themes and 2. Because I love fall! So every Sunday I will be posting my “Fall Top 5’s” today’s being my top 5 fall lipsticks 

Getting into cooler weather I always like to switch into the deeper lipsticks that you can’t necessarily get away with during the summer months except for a night out, and around this time of the year I always start to crave a good berry lip! As I’m sure all us beauty addicts do, I have quite a few lipsticks in my collection but I’ve scavenged through it and picked out my favourites for you guys which area a good mix of drug store and high end!

Number one: Topshop lipstick in the Colour ‘Called up’
I picked this up last fall and fell completely in love with the shade, it’s a gorgeous merlot kind of berry colour. It’s slightly more purple than red which I find gorgeous for this time of year and quite flattering for fair skin tones like mine. The formulation is nice and creamy and smells like vanilla! I do find this long lasting, obviously I have to re-apply after eating but for the most part it lasts a good few hours before I feel like I need to add a little more through the center of my lips. I believe this retails in the Canadian Topshop’s for around 10-15$ which is a great price for the quality of the product, I also think the packaging is super cute.

Number two: YSL Rougé Volupté shine lipstick in the colour 1 which is called ‘Brun insecure’ ($39)
This is definitely the best high end berry lipstick I’ve ever used, not only do I feel absolutely fabulous when I pull this baby out of my purse the product itself is incredible. It has the typical YSL peachy scent and the formulation is a little more on the glossy side which I love because you still get a great splash of colour on your lips but you do not need a lip liner what so ever. It’s got good pigmentation with a darker red/brown tint but not as opaque as a typical lipstick which I think adds a nice softness to your face depending on the look you have going on, as this is slightly glossier I find I do have to re-apply more often but I really don’t mind because it’s a gorgeous lipstick. It’s very hydrating and slightly shimmery which I really like. It is quite pricey at forty dollars but it could be a really luxurious Christmas present or you could just spoil yourself and pick one up because they are awesome!

Number three: Kate Moss for Rimmel London lasting finish lipstick in the colour 09
Every girl needs a good red in her collection for fall because it pairs beautifully with winged liner which is a look I LOVE to sport during the colder months. This colour from Kate Moss is my favourite red for my skin-tone because it’s quite a deep red with a tiny hint of purple to make it slightly berry toned but still very red, these lipsticks are so creamy and highly pigmented with a very sweet scent that reminds me of candy, not to mention they’re ridiculously affordable at $8.

Number four: Kate Moss for Rimmel London lasting finish lipstick in the colour 12
Another Kate Moss lipstick! These actually make up a lot of my collection but this colour is definitely an orange as opposed to a berry or a red. The formulation and the scent are the same, but I really like wearing this in Sept/Oct because it’s not such a deep colour but it still adds warmth to the look and it reminds me of the leaves changing. I had tried a few oranges before I landed on this one and I think it’s perfect for me because it’s not super yellow, it’s almost a little more of a pink orange which I like a lot. Go pick one of these up if you haven’t already because they’re the best!

Number five: Marc Jacobs matte lip gel in the colour 142 ‘pout’ ($36)
I’ve talked about this in a previous favourites post so I won’t gas on forever about it, but I feel like nudes can be really gorgeous in the fall with a really smoky eye. I love this one because it’s matte but it’s not super powdery looking on the lip, and because it’s a gel formulation it hydrates my lips really nicely. I believe this was limited edition so I try not to use it A LOT because once I run out I’ll never get another one  It’s the only peachy nude I have in my collection so if you know if any dupes or you have any other suggestions please let me know!

Those are my top 5 lipsticks for fall! Let me know what some of your holy-grail lipsticks are for the colder months! & let me know if you want to see more series on Laauraborealis because I’m really excited about this one!
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update & apology!

Hi guys!
I’m so so sorry but my first “fall top 5” post wont be up until tomorrow 😦 I’ve had a way busier weekend than I expected and when I went to take the photo’s for the post OF COURSE my camera battery was dead. SO it will definitely be up tomorrow and the rest of the top 5 series will most definitely be posted on time. Again super sorry, but please check back tomorrow for the first installment!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

Hello beautiful people!
I was recently nominated by the gorgeous Becks from Beckinablog for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I’m so touched because we really are a sisterhood of beauty bloggers, and I’m very glad to be a part of it. Please go and check out Becks’ blog because it is absolutely awesome! I love reading her new posts, she’s a great blogger especially for only having her blog a short time.

The Rules:– Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
– Put the award logo on your blog.
– Answer the ten questions they have set you.
– Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
– Nominate ten people

My ten questions from Becks:

1- What is your go-to lipstick to make you feel good?
At the moment it’s the revlon lip butter in sugar plum – just a gorgeous berry tint to my lips since the cooler weather has started.

2- If you had to choose just one perfume for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Marc Jacobs Daisy! hands down

3- Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
Yes, I have 3 tattoos and 6 piercings!

4- What’s your favourite TV show?
Gilmore Girls!

5- What is one thing you’re looking forward to?
Carmen and I are having a little anniversary weekend getaway at the end of September so I’m very excited for that

6- What is the last book you read?
It’s kind of a funny story by Ned Vizinni

7- If you had to choose between only using base products (foundation, concealer, etc) or only using eye products (mascara, eyeshadow) which would it be?
Eye products! I have such light lashes, I can’t get away without mascara or I look ill.

8- Do you ever wear false eyelashes?
Occasionally! I wear glasses so I find it difficult to find ones that don’t brush the lenses but I really want to get into them for going out & parties and looks for my blog.

9- If you could recommend just one skin care product, what would it be?
Origins Clear Improvements charcoal mask

10- Gel eyeliner or liquid?
Liquid all the way

My Nominations:
Lipstick Lovely
Feline Creatures

My ten questions for you:
1. Coffee or tea?
2. Do you have any pets?
3. What is your favourite lipstick to wear in fall/winter?
4. What is your favourite kind of candy?
5. If you had to choose between only wearing mascara or lipstick which would you pick?
6. Last movie you saw at the theatre?
7. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
8. What is your favourite blush at the moment?
9. Holy grail hair product?
10. Heels or flats?

Again a huge thanks to the gorgeous Becks! & I can’t wait to read all your answers!
Don’t forget to hit the good buttons and stay tuned tomorrow for the first “Fall top 5” of September!

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