Kat Von D Monarch Eyeshadow Palette review!

Hello beautiful people! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of good people and good times 
It was Mother’s Day weekend here in Toronto so I spent my weekend doing lots of family stuff including going to a soap making workshop with my mom which was a ton of fun! Did you guys do anything exciting this weekend whether it was with your mom or not? Let me know in the comments what you got up to!

So as a make-up addict I am a frequent visitor to the Sephora website which I’m sure some of you can relate to. As I was scrolling through the site I came across the new Kat Von D Monarch eye shadow palette which is one of two new palettes the other has more purples and blues. Now I have a few of the Kat Von D palettes already and I really enjoy the formulation and pigmentation but something about this caught my eye and I decided I had to have it, so obviously I ordered it, it was a bit pricey at $55 but in my opinion totally worth the money.

When it came in the mail I was super excited to open it up and start playing and let me tell you I was not disappointed! This palette is incredible! It has 3 big base shadows, one is a matte creamy colour, the second is a shimmery beige colour and the third is also beige and shimmery with bigger glitter particles in it which are so buttery and lovely!

Sorry if you can’t really see these swatches! I’m really pale!
from left to right they are called:Tiny Death (Matte), Telepathy (shimmer), Entomology (shimmer&glitter)

The nine shades that come underneath the big three completely make the palette, these shadows have the most incredible pigmentation and feel, they are silky and smooth and blend like heaven. There’s a combination of mattes and shimmer in a great variety of neutrals, the combinations are endless!
If you are a neutral lover and you like to play with them I would 100% suggest you get this palette because it’s become one of my favourites incredibly fast.

from left to right they’re called: deadhead, shadowbox, disintegration, vanish, Delaney, killing jar, summerfly, papilio, wrath. You can really tell the depth of the pigmentation since wrath is covering my tattoo up pretty well!

I’ve been using these shadows non-stop since I got it, whether I’m going out or just doing a simple everyday look I reach for this palette. I’ve been using disintegration a lot as it’s a great colour for spring, it’s a nice gold but not too yellow for my pale complexion as you can see here 

Honestly I could go on and on and on about this thing but you guys would get sick of reading so I digress, as I said before if you’re a neutral fan, or you’re just starting to get into make-up and you’re looking for a good starter palette I would suggest this because it is amazing and you can create as many different looks as you want that suit all skin tones which I think makes this a great value for your money.

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you guys are the best!
Until next time, xoxo

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