My pamper night essentials!

Hello beautiful people!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! The weather here in T.O was beautiful and I was feeling very good because I got to carry out my Friday tradition which always sets me up for a great weekend. Now Fridays are a very special day to me because they are my pamper day! As I’ve said to you guys before I’m a gardener, so my job can get quite physical and most of the time I end up coming home covered in dirt. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my job, but at the end of the week it is so nice to have something to look forward to! When I get home from work I have a snack and then spend the next couple of hours in total bliss just for myself which I think we are all entitled to at least once a week because we all work hard!
These are the things I use to make my Friday pamper sessions incredible:

A good smelling Candle! Currently I’m burning the bath& body works coconut leaves, this is nice refreshing scent that makes me think of my vacation in the Bahamas with Carmen and it makes me smile!

Bubble bath! What is a pamper night without a bubble bath!? Currently a couple of my favourite bubbling products are the LUSH creamy candy bubble bar and philosophy vanilla birthday cake bubble bath. Both smell super sweet and delicious and I find they leave my skin feeling nice and soft! I like to soak for around 30 minutes with a nice big glass of ice water (or vino depending how I’m feeling) and a good book or some music, such a lovely way to relax on a Friday after a long week at work!

A good scrub is a must when having a pamper evening, after I’ve done all my soaking and relaxing I go in with my Soap and Glory Flake Away scrub! It smells delicious; it’s the classic S&G scent which I absolutely love. This scrub is pretty granular which I like in a good exfoliator, the only weird thing I find with this product is that over time even with the lid on it turns this like vibrant yellow colour!( The picture doesn’t capture the colour well) So strange! Has anyone else found that with this product? Let me know in the comments! But this exfoliator gets rid of all the nasty dead skin cells I have and gets me all ready for my next essential product

Once I’ve rinsed that off I go in with the L’occitane almond shower oil which comes out of the bottle like an oil but actually lathers when you put it onto your wet skin. It’s incredibly moisturizing and it smells really nice, I think in general all products for a pamper night should just smell lovely! If you have dry skin or really just want to give your skin a nice treat I would absolutely suggest picking this stuff up because it is divine, it leaves your skin feeling soft and supple and super hydrated

By the time I’m done all that crazy stuff my bath water is usually cold so I’ll get out and apply a face mask, my skin has really been bumming me out lately so I’ve been using the Origins clear improvements mask or the Glam Glow YouthMud to add a little radiance to my skin. I’ve written about both of these in passed posts but basically the Origins masks uses clay to draw impurities out of the skin and makes pores appear smaller. This is by far one of my all-time favourite masks! If you’ve never tried this I would highly highly recommend this. I like to use Glam Glow when I feel like my skin needs a little pick me up! The tingling is a little uncomfortable but the results are very nice, my skin is definitely brighter after using this mask.

Whilst my mask is drying I’ll moisturize my skin with the Fresh sugar lychee body lotion which is my favourite lotion but it’s rather expensive for such a small bottle (26$) so I only use it when I want to treat my skin. It smells like sugar candies I used to eat when I was younger which is originally why I bought it, but the formula is so luxurious! It’s a nice and light cream that absorbs beautifully into the skin leaving it feeling refreshed and hydrated.

All these things combined create the perfect pamper night for me, which leaves me feeling relaxed with soft skin and a radiant complexion that makes me feel great about myself so I can enjoy my weekend and look forward to doing it all again the next Friday!

I hope you all have a lovely week in whatever you’re doing, and don’t forget to enjoy some sunshine and a few minutes for yourself every day!
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Until next time, xoxo

May Topbox!

Hello beautiful people!
I hope you’ve all been doing well! We’ve finally had some gorgeous weather here in Toronto, I actually went on a long walk with Carmen through High Park on the weekend and it was absolutely gorgeous! So many flowers in bloom and people enjoying the sunshine!
Over the long weekend I had a chance to try out all the products I got in my May Topbox and I was really happy with them, here’s what I got this month:

Kinetics nail colour in ‘Splatter it!’
This is one of those top coats that makes it look like you’ve got paint splattered across your nails which I’m not a huge fan of, but I used it as an accent nail and was pleasantly surprised with how cute it looked. I definitely wouldn’t be putting this on every single nail because that would be heinous to try and remove but I really enjoyed wearing it on my ring finger, I think it adds a little bit of whimsy to an otherwise simple manicure. The specks applied really well, the brush painted them on nice and evenly, I only had to do one coat! These are available online at and they retail for &9, as I said I’m not a huge fan of the speckled polished but I’ll definitely be checking out their other selections!

Next up is a product I really wanted to be excited about but it ended up just being blah for me, it’s the Lancome Hypnose doll lashes mascara in 01- So Black! I’ve been on the hunt for a new mascara so when I got this in my topbox I was like YES! After using it 3 times I wasn’t wowed. It’s supposed to create 6 times the volume for your lashes* that is absolutely not true I think maybe it created 2 x the volume tops. It separated my lashes nicely and coats them evenly with no clumping but I wasn’t truly impressed and since the full size is $31.50 I sort of expected a little more from it. I found after a few hours there was a lot of flaking and printing up onto my eye lid as well, so that was really bothersome. All in all not the best mascara I’ve ever used and not the worst, but I would definitely not pay the money for it in the future!
* topbox comes with a little insert describing all the products, this is where it said it created 6x the volume.

I love the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream so when I saw this moisturizer I was jazzed to try it out! The Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion with SPF 15 is super light-weight and really moisturizing, it feels silky smooth and absorbs really quickly into your skin. I was very impressed with this product, it’s formulated for combination skin, which I have, so it’s oil free which is awesome and it’s meant to maintain your skin’s moisture level so you don’t create excess oil during the day. I don’t have extremely oily skin so I didn’t notice a huge difference in the oiliness throughout the day but I did feel like my skin was well hydrated and protected from the sun! I’m currently using an origins daily moisturizer but once that runs out I’ll definitely think about picking this up since it’s a little bit cheaper at $48 for the full size.

Last but 100% not least is the Benefit Posiebalm from their new line of lip tints. This stuff is gorgeous, it adds a really sheer layer of colour to your lips but the formula is super moisturizing and fairly long lasting. Posiebalm is a baby pink colour that adds the slightest tint to your lips which actually looks super cute for a day where you’re not wearing too much make up or you just want a little bit on if you’re going to the gym or something. It smells like flowers which at first I wasn’t sure about but I got used to it and actually like it now. Honestly this little sample hasn’t left my bag and I wish it had been bigger because I really love wearing it! The full size is $22 which I think is pretty good for such a great product, I’m definitely going to be checking out the other colours!

That’s all I got in this Month’s topbox! Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these and what you thought of them! Or if there’s any other beauty boxes I should be checking out (Canada friendly please!)
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xoxo – Lo

Kat Von D Monarch Eyeshadow Palette review!

Hello beautiful people! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of good people and good times 
It was Mother’s Day weekend here in Toronto so I spent my weekend doing lots of family stuff including going to a soap making workshop with my mom which was a ton of fun! Did you guys do anything exciting this weekend whether it was with your mom or not? Let me know in the comments what you got up to!

So as a make-up addict I am a frequent visitor to the Sephora website which I’m sure some of you can relate to. As I was scrolling through the site I came across the new Kat Von D Monarch eye shadow palette which is one of two new palettes the other has more purples and blues. Now I have a few of the Kat Von D palettes already and I really enjoy the formulation and pigmentation but something about this caught my eye and I decided I had to have it, so obviously I ordered it, it was a bit pricey at $55 but in my opinion totally worth the money.

When it came in the mail I was super excited to open it up and start playing and let me tell you I was not disappointed! This palette is incredible! It has 3 big base shadows, one is a matte creamy colour, the second is a shimmery beige colour and the third is also beige and shimmery with bigger glitter particles in it which are so buttery and lovely!

Sorry if you can’t really see these swatches! I’m really pale!
from left to right they are called:Tiny Death (Matte), Telepathy (shimmer), Entomology (shimmer&glitter)

The nine shades that come underneath the big three completely make the palette, these shadows have the most incredible pigmentation and feel, they are silky and smooth and blend like heaven. There’s a combination of mattes and shimmer in a great variety of neutrals, the combinations are endless!
If you are a neutral lover and you like to play with them I would 100% suggest you get this palette because it’s become one of my favourites incredibly fast.

from left to right they’re called: deadhead, shadowbox, disintegration, vanish, Delaney, killing jar, summerfly, papilio, wrath. You can really tell the depth of the pigmentation since wrath is covering my tattoo up pretty well!

I’ve been using these shadows non-stop since I got it, whether I’m going out or just doing a simple everyday look I reach for this palette. I’ve been using disintegration a lot as it’s a great colour for spring, it’s a nice gold but not too yellow for my pale complexion as you can see here 

Honestly I could go on and on and on about this thing but you guys would get sick of reading so I digress, as I said before if you’re a neutral fan, or you’re just starting to get into make-up and you’re looking for a good starter palette I would suggest this because it is amazing and you can create as many different looks as you want that suit all skin tones which I think makes this a great value for your money.

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April Favourites!

Hello beautiful people
I cannot believe how quickly April FLEW by, it’s honestly surreal, I feel like yesterday I was writing my March Favourites post!
anyhoo! This month’s favourite is a little random, a couple beauty products, a couple fashion items and a couple of food items as well! I wanted to throw a few different favourites in so you guys can get to know me a little better 🙂

First up is my Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C purse, Amber bought this for me for Christmas and since the weather has gotten nicer I’ve finally been able to take it out and I LOVE it, such a lovely gift to get and such a cute bag for spring time. Since she got me the stripped one it matches pretty much anything I wear because the colours are pretty neutral, and also fits in with the nautical theme that seems to be quite on trend this season. It’s nice and small so I can fit my wallet, my phone, a pack of gum and some lip gloss, which is nice because in winter I find I carry a lot more in my purse. So this one allows me to downsize and only carry what I really need! All and all this is definitely going to be my staple handbag for spring and summer time!

Next is this necklace I picked up in Forever21, I like to wear this with a really plain shirt or dress to make it a little fancier and add a cute springy flourish, a bonus is that it was on sale I think I paid around 11$ which is a steal. The cream coloured flowers match pretty much everything and gold is nice and warm which is a nice change for me as I almost only wear silver. I normally don’t wear a lot of jewelry but I’ve been seeing these statement necklaces on people and they look so lovely and chic that I just had to get one and I’ve really been enjoying wearing it and I will definitely be picking up a few more!

As I said in my last post I absolutely love all the Marc Jacobs fragrances, so when I heard he was bringing out a new limited edition scent of the daisy and daisy eau so fresh line I just had to check it out. I went into Sephora and gave them both a sniff and fell in love with the new Daisy eau so fresh delight scent, I’ve been using this every single day since I picked it up, it was quite expensive at $89 but I used my 15% when that promotion was going on so I thought it was a good deal. It smells so fresh and light, it’s almost a mix of the regular eau so fresh and dot with a little more of a floral accent. The bottle is also adorable with all the colours and the classic daisy accents on the lid, so if you’re in the market for a new spring fragrance I would definitely recommend checking these out.

I’ve had this next product in my collection for about a year but I used it every single day in April because it is absolutely gorgeous. The Dior amber diamond powder highlighter creates the most gorgeous glow to the cheek bones, we’re talking like Victoria secret angel glow. I’ve also been using this on top of a matte bronzer as eye shadow which creates a beautiful effect, I got that tip from my favourite youtube beauty guru Tanya Burr – if you haven’t watched her videos you should check them out! She is brilliant. Amber Diamond is just a gorgeous product, a little pricey at $45 but you don’t need a lot as it is so shimmery, I’ve barely even put a dent in mine. This is such a fantastic highlighter for spring if your skin is still a little dull from the longest winter ever, I can’t say enough good things about it, it’s just incredible.

The next two favourites are food items, First is the Harvest Crunch quinoa chocolate nut medley granola bars, I think they come with fruit as well but I prefer these ones cause they have some chocolate in them haha. I find it so hard to pick granola bars in the grocery store because of the sheer amount of them; it’s a whole aisle of them! So when I saw these I pounced because quinoa is a pure protein which is great if you need some energy and it’s a nice alternative to a classic granola bar, plus they’re absolutely delicious!


Finally is the bolthouse farms Green Goodness smoothie, I find it difficult to fit the recommended amount of vegetables in my daily routine and I know that’s terrible so I wanted to try to make a conscious effort to be better about what I’m putting into my body. When I saw these at Loblaw I kind of thought “this looks like it could be either really good or really gross” but they were on sale so I picked one up and they taste GREAT. I finished the first bottle in 3 days and went back to get more! They have mango, pineapple, banana, kiwi and apple but also spinach, green tea, wheat grass, barley grass, garlic and a bunch of other things that are really good for you. I’ve been drinking one glass of this every day and I do feel like I’m doing good things for my body which puts me in a positive mood!

Well that’s it for my April favourites, let me know in the comments if you like the little random favourites I added or what posts you’d like to see from me next! Also, I’ve been pondering the idea of starting a YouTube channel, what do you guys think? Would you watch? Let me know! Don’t forget to hit the good buttons!
Until next time my loves, xoxo