April Topbox!

Hello beautiful people!
I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I was stuck in bed with a very nasty cold and was only concerned with sleeping and drinking lots of tea!
Now that I’m feeling much better I decided it was time to write a new post! While I was laying on the couch I got my April Topbox in the mail so here are all the things I got in it this month!
I was sent the Murale shoppers drug mart Topbox this month which came with a good variety of different products.


First thing is the Caudalie make up remover cleansing water, this is a similar product to the bioderma sensibio cleansing water which I love. The caudalie water smells nice and fresh as it has grape water and chamomile in it, it feels nice on the skin and removes face make up very well. I don’t use cleansing waters on my eyes as a I find they don’t do a great job so I use a separate make up remover for mascara and eye make-up. I love my bioderma but this is a close second and I would purchase the full size ($28) once I’m finished my other cleansing waters.


Next up is Glam Glow youth mud which is the black one, I’ve reviewed this before so I won’t say too much aside from the fact that I am definitely happy to have more of this stuff even in the sample size considering how expensive the full size is (full size $69), it is absolutely one of my favourite face masks and I definitely want to try the other two as well! I’ve heard great things about all of them.


I personally use Marc Jacobs perfumes, I have a few of them and I just love his scents, but the Clean Shower Fresh fragrance (full size $39) I got in my April Topbox is actually a really beautiful scent for summer. It’s a little bit citrusy with a TINY hint of floral; it’s a very fresh and clean scent which is great! I will definitely be giving this a try in the hotter months.


Last is the fusion beauty lipfusion XL lip volumizing therapy!( That’s a mouthful) It’s meant to be used as a night time treatment and contains hyaluronic acid and two times the active collagen as their regular glosses. I’m honestly not a huge fan of this product because generally I don’t like lip plumping glosses and I found this one made the skin around my lips turn red so I will definitely not be using this product again, it is quite expensive at $50 but if you like lip plumping products this one might be for you but unfortunately it just didn’t work for me.

So that’s everything I got in my April Topbox, as always thanks for reading and don’t forget to hit my two favourite buttons! (like&follow)
stay tuned this weekend for my April Favourites! You guys are the best, until next time xoxo

** Just a little disclaimer, I do check the prices and do a little bit of research for ingredients and uses on these products using Sephora.ca or googling the product to find its website but generally all opinions are my own unless otherwise stated. And all photos are taken by me unless otherwise stated**

The Liebster Award!

Hello beautiful people! Im very excited because I have been nominated for the Liebster Award from the lovely Natalia she is a kind and wonderful blogger, and if you love beauty and dogs you should absolutely check out her blog!

The liebster award recognizes up-and-coming bloggers who have under 200 followers, it’s a way for all of us to get to know each other and allow our readers to get to know us a little better as well!
The rules are:
1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
2. Answer 11 questions your nominator asked.
3. Provide 11 fun and/or random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 10 bloggers (w/ less than 200 followers) that you feel deserve recognition!
5. Inform the above bloggers that you have nominated them.
6. Post 11 questions for them to answer.

My questions from Natalia:

1. Why did you start your blog?
As long as I can remember I’ve loved all things beauty, I figured this was a good way to get my knowledge and opinions out there and also to learn about what other people had to say about beauty products! It’s also been a great way to meet new people 

2. What is your favorite extracurricular activity/hobby?

Probably reading, I always have a book in my purse – I’m currently reading The Hobbit!

3. Do you own any pets? And if yes, what kinds?
I used to have a cat but we had to put her down in September so no pets at the moment.

4. What are your holy-grail beauty products?
– Kat Von D trooper eye liner
– Estee lauder double wear stay in place foundation
– Nars radiant creamy concealer
– MAC naked lunch & satin taupe eye shadows
I could go on and on but those are a few!

5. Night owl or morning person?
Both actually.

6. Favorite movie?
Movies** The Lord Of The Rings trilogy hands down.

7. What is your favorite beauty brand?
This is a hard one.. I think Nars, at the moment anyways.

8. Where would your dream vacation take place?
Italy! Because I’ve never been and always wanted to go.

9. If you were an animal, what kind would you be, and why?
A cat probably, because I like to sleep and be lazy hahaha

10. What is your most proud/happiest moment?

My proudest moment so far has to be the day I Graduated College.

11. What happened in the last dream you can remember?
I was at a track and field tournament with some people I haven’t seen in ages! It was so bizarre!

11 Random facts about me:

1. I am a gardener by day and beauty blogger by night lol
2. I could eat mashed potatoes and candy for the rest of my life and be satisfied
3. The word “moist” makes me cringe – it’s just a gross word
4. I have 2 older sisters – no brothers
5. I went to Fanshawe College in London, On for Horticulture and landscaping
6. I’m a geek – Lord of the rings, harry potter, hunger games, game of thrones anything fantasy or magic based makes me extremely excited.
7. Sometimes I wish my life was a musical
8. I don’t really like sports
9. I love to bake – and I’m pretty good at it
10. I love Toronto, and plan on living here my whole life
11. I’ve never had a cavity

The ten bloggers I’m nominating are:

Glitter pots and Lip gloss
beauty bug
Sophisticated beauty
This brunette loves coffee
Miss Alice Beauty
Sam Blogs
Hollie Cook
Umbrella Monday

My 11 questions for the Nominees:
1. coffee or tea?
2. how many lip products do you have in your purse right now?
3. spring or fall?
4. what is your favourite blush at the moment?
5. do you sleep on your back, stomach or side?
6. Who is your favourite Harry Potter character?
7. What is your favourite book?
8. Favourite make-up brand at the moment?
9. lip gloss or lipstick?
10. holy grail foundation?
11. dogs or cats?

Please check out their blogs and show them some love! Congrats to all the nominees and a huge thank you again to Natalia for nominating me!
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Let me know what you’d like to read from me next!
until next time my loves, xoxo

March Favourites!

Hello Beautiful people! I can’t believe it’s already April! I have to say I’m super excited for the lovely spring weather to finally make its way here to Toronto and in light of that a lot of my favourites this month are quite springy.

First up is The Face Shop blush in the colour 05 peach cushion. First of all it has the CUTEST packaging I’ve ever seen, I love using the little puff ball to apply it because it makes me feel so feminine and lovely. Also, the pigmentation is great! It’s a matte peachy coral colour that I think really compliments my skin tone and I didn’t have a blush this colour so I was very excited to pick this one up, not to mention it’s 9$!

Next is the Benefit girl meets pearl highlighter, it’s a liquid formulation that’s a champagne beige colour and it leaves the most gorgeous effect on the cheekbones, brow bone, cupids bow wherever you like to highlight. It doesn’t create a dramatic radiance just a really lovely glow to the skin which I’ve been absolutely loving since the weather has been getting relatively nice here in TO. It is quite expensive at $36 but it comes in the kind of packaging where you twist the bottom and the product comes out the top so it’s really easy to control how much comes out, and also you really don’t need a lot at all so it’ll last quite a while.

I went to a Sephora VIB rouge event and picked up the Marc Jacobs limited edition matte lip gel in the colour pout, it’s a peachy nude colour and has a creamy and hydrating formulation. The woman at the store tried it on me and put a pink toned gloss over top and I absolutely fell in love and just had to have it. The lipstick was $36 and I ended up picking a different gloss that was less expensive, but I definitely think it’s going to be my staple everyday lipstick for spring time!

The gloss I ended up purchasing was one of the new Urban Decay naked ultra-nourishing glosses in the colour walk of shame. It’s a pinky nude toned gloss with a TINY bit of shimmer that pairs beautifully with the Marc Jacobs lipstick and also looks gorgeous on its own. It smells a little bit minty and is a nice consistency, it’s not sticky at all but it’s slightly thick so you know It’s not going to be running all over your face. It retails for $24 dollars and they have a beautiful range of colours, I will definitely be picking up more of these glosses.

Last is the Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser, now this is definitely not a new product in the beauty blogging world but it is new to me and I really like it. It’s a clear balm with a really velvety feel, my foundation applies beautifully over top of it and it really does minimize the look of my pores. It’s a great alternative to benefit’s the porefessional as the baby skin one is about $6.

So those are all of the products I was loving in March and I’m sure I will continue loving throughout spring and summer! Let me know what some of your March Favourites were in the comments and don’t forget to hit the like&follow buttons because that always makes my day.
until next time, xoxo