My top ten favourite Mac eye shadows!

Hello beautiful people!
I recently bought a new vanity, so I got to do one of my favourite things which is re-organize my whole make up collection! and as I was doing that and sorting through my shadows and palettes I got the idea to do a post about my top ten favourite Mac eye shadows 🙂 hope you enjoy it!
Top left: Naked Lunch
This is probably my favourite shadow for an everyday and easy make up look( as you can see I’m due for a new one), I’ll usually sweep this all across the lid, and then go on with eye liner and mascara or throw a little something in the crease depending how i’m feeling/how much time I have. I love this because it really suits all skin tones as it’s a lovely champagne pinky peach colour with a little bit of shimmer, it’s not super glittery, it’s just has a gorgeous effect on the lid. I’ve re-purchased this at least 4 or 5 times because I use it so regularly and could not deal without this in my collection.

Top right: Shroom
I use this primarily for an inner corner and brow bone highlight, it really opens up your eyes and catches the light for a gorgeous look. It’s a satin white which I don’t often use all over the lid but when I do it does look really pretty. I have very fair skin and find white looks a little harsh across my lid but if you were a bit tanner it would be really nice.

Middle: Sketch
This is such a gorgeous cranberry-purple coloured shadow and I absolutely love it for a smokey eye as well as through the crease. I’ll use this all over the lid for a night out and through the crease for day time when I want a little pop of colour. It’s gorgeous because it’s not matte but it’s not satin either, it has little cranberry glitter particles in it, but it doesn’t look super glittery on the skin. it would look beautiful with pretty much any eye colour as well.

Bottom left: Concrete
Concrete is a matte dark grey colour which is one of my favourite crease colours especially with naked lunch all over the lid. it adds nice depth to the eye and can be built up to smoke out the look.

Bottom right: Fig
Fig is a gorgeous matte deep purple which looks gorgeous with green and blue eyes. I use this through the crease in a similar way to how I use concrete. I wore this colour with a few other purple tones to my high school prom, I love it because it can be used in so many different ways.

Below are swatches of the first five shadows I wrote about
from left to right: Sketch, shroom, concrete, naked lunch and fig. (Sorry the lighter hues are so hard to see)

The next five are gorgeous neutrals tones which I love wearing and putting on other people who aren’t used to wearing a lot of colour but still want a nice polished look
(Moving clockwise from top center which is the purple-ish colour)

Satin Taupe:
This is probably my all time favourite Mac eye shadow, it’s such a nice purple-ish grey colour with a nice shimmery finish, and it looks so beautiful in the crease. It would also look gorgeous all over the lid for a darker look, I’ve never used this on someone it didn’t look good on, and recommend it to pretty much everyone.

Patina is such a unique colour because it looks different on everyone. It’s a taupe-ish grey colour but also has a little bit of gold in is as well, it has a shimmery finish but again looks different on everyone depending on their skin tone and how the light catches their eyes. I love this on people with paler skin because it looks a tiny bit darker on the lid but the gold in it helps to brighten up the look and really pick up on the eye colour of the person who is wearing it.

Black Tied:
I love Black tied for when I’m doing a really smokey look. It’s a black shadow but it has silver glitter in it and it looks beautiful in the outer corners, I also find that with the glitter it almost makes it look less intense and adds a little bit of a playful element to the shadow. I use this under my eyes sometimes as well for some drama 🙂

Woodwinked is a beautiful bronzey-gold colour with a shimmery finish and it looks absolutely spectacular on people with blue eyes. I use this a lot in the summer time because I find it’s really fast and easy but still looks polished and pretty. this is the kind of eye shadow I’ll use when I’m going for a more natural make up look, and it just makes me feel a million bucks. It looks great if you’re tan as well 🙂

Omega is a matte light brown colour which I use specifically for my eye brows. I have red hair at the moment and I find it works well because it almost has a little bit of an auburn undertone, but when I use it on my sister who has a slightly darker skin tone than me it doesn’t look red at all. I’ve used omega through the crease on other people when they want a really natural eye but I still want to define they’re eyes and add little bit of depth.

Below are swatches of the last five shadows
from left to right: omega, woodwinked, satin taupe, patina, black tied.

So there they are my top ten favourite Mac eye shadows! I hope you guys enjoyed it and that it maybe made you want to add some new mac shadows to your collection!
Until next time

2013 Drug store beauty favourites!

Hello Beautiful people! and Happy New Year! I cannot believe that it is 2014,that’s just crazy, where did 2013 go?
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season filled with family and friends and lots of delicious food, and I hope you all brought in the new year safely!
To look back on 2013 some of my favourite memories are definitely graduating college (woo!) and going to the Bahamas with my boyfriend 🙂
I had a lot of favourite beauty products in 2013 and most of them were drug store so I decided to make this post all about those.

2 foundations really stood out to me in 2013 and they were the Revlon nearly naked foundation and the Revlon colour stay foundation. They both have medium to full coverage but they aren’t at all heavy. The nearly naked has a bit more of a radiant, dewy finish where the colour stay is slightly more matte. I’m very fair, and often have a hard time finding foundations that are my colour (especially drug store foundations) but I find both of these to be a perfect match. They glide on so nicely and last all day long, I did find I had to powder the nearly naked throughout the day but I have combination skin so that was just due to my own oiliness. Both foundations are under 25$ which is a little bit expensive but I would compare these to a high end product because they preform so well. DSCN0026
The next product is by Maybelline and it’s the fit me concealer. I purchased this in November just to keep in my purse in case I needed it, and it ended up becoming a staple in my everyday make up routine. It has a very creamy consistency with fabulous coverage, and minimal creasing, I believe it was around 15$ and it is absolutely worth the money because you don’t need a lot of it. It comes in a tube which is so handy to keep in my little purse sized make up bag, although I found I didn’t need to retouch throughout the day with this concealer, it just made me feel better to have it. I’m usually not to fussed with the concealer I use but this product just amazed me, and I will definitely be continuing to use it during 2014.
Next is my last complexion product and it is the rimmel stay matte powder. I’ve been using this for a couple of years now and it is still the best powder I’ve ever used. the packaging is a little cheap looking but for the product itself I don’t even care, I apply this after my foundation and concealer to set my make up and keep my t-zone from getting shiny and I stay matte for at least 6 or 7 hours before I need to touch up. I don’t find it breaks me out or clogs my pores at all either, I keep one in my purse and one at home because I love it so much, it is just so effective and it only costs about 5$! such amazing value for the money you’re spending.
I loved two mascaras through 2013 and they were the Maybelline colossal volume express cat eye mascara (long name!) and the bourjois volumizer mascara. I loved these because they achieved two different things for me, the Maybelline mascara was gorgeous for everyday, it separated my lashes and coated them evenly making them look full and healthy, where as the bourjois mascara has two steps, step one is to coat your lashes and step two adds much more mascara making them look voluminous. I used bourjois mostly when I was going out or wearing a smoky eye and wanted to go for more dramatic lashes without wearing fake ones. the colossal cat eye mascara runs for about 10$ but you can always find it on sale and the bourjois mascara was 20$ but totally worth it. these were and still are a big part of my make up routine, and Im so happy to have found them in 2013.
I have two lipsticks that did not leave my handbag during 2013 and they were Kate Moss Rimmel London velvet matte lipstick in the colour 109, and Revlon lip butter in Pink Truffle. The Kate Moss lipstick is a pastel pinky-orange colour which was great for spring/summer and I loved wearing it with a really natural eye. I actually have about 8 of the Kate Moss lipsticks and the whole line in general is great! and they cost around 8$! they are very highly pigmented, and they go on silky smooth, the original formula is surprisingly hydrating. I do find I need to use a chap stick under the matte ones, but generally matte lipsticks make my lips dry. DSCN0036DSCN0037
The Revlon lip butter was gorgeous for fall/winter because it has the hydration of a balm and the buildable pigment of a lipstick, I love this product because its so versatile, it’s a pinky brown neutral colour which was great for everyday. If I was going for a natural lip, a would apply it and then rub it in with my finger to make it like a stain, if I was going for a more intense and glossy look I just applied it in a few layers and build it up. I only have the colour Pink Truffle but I’m definitely going to be getting more, as they cost under 10$.DSCN0034DSCN0035
My final love of 2013 is a hair product and it is the Herbal Essences Split end protector. I adore this because I put one pump into wet hair and it acts as a leave in conditioner as well as protecting my hair from heat and tools, I believe it costs about 8$ but I’ve only ever been able to find it at the grocery store which is so odd. It also lasts a very long time as you only need one pump, I’ve been using this for 2 years and I’ve only had 2 bottles. I use this every time I wash my hair, despite whether or not I’m going to be styling it. I absolutely notice my hair is frizzier, and nowhere near as soft on days I don’t use this, and since it doubles as a heat protectant it saves me having to load my hair full of product.
I’ve actually written more in depth posts on the kate moss lipsticks and the herbal essences hair product, so you can just scroll down to read those if you’d like!
Thank you so much for reading, and I hope these reviews were helpful and maybe gave you some new beauty curiosities for 2014!
until next time