My favourite mascaras

Hello beautiful people!
I was talking with my friend Nicole a couple of weeks ago about make-up and she went through my mascara collection and asked which ones I liked the best, and that made me think that I should write a blog post about my favourite mascaras! So I’m going to give you guys my review on my top 4 favourites, 2 for volume and 2 for every day.
I’m sort of doing it so that there’s a drug store brand for each and a higher end mascara for both as well.
alright lets get this party started

every day mascara #1
Revlon lash potion mascara
I love this mascara for every day use because it’s not overly dramatic but still makes your lashes look fantastic. It has a really cool brush which is shaped a bit like a star/triangle, that has longer and shorter bristles which allows every single one of your lashes to be coated as you jiggle and turn the wand. I have the colour black and in waterproof, which I find is really nice with my eye colour/skin tone, but I believe they make a darker one and a blackish brown as well.
I really like the effect this gives me, because my lashes look full and long without looking clumpy, it’s also really affordable, around the 10 dollar mark which is great because the tube is a pretty good size.

Every day mascara #2
benefit bad gal mascara
I’m sure you’ve all heard of this mascara, it’s probably one of benefits top selling products and I totally agree that it should be! it has a really big wand, which allows for optimal lash grabbing without having to use too many coats to achieve the look you’re going for. I like to use this when i’m going for a little bit less eye shadow, so my lashes are sort of the focus of my face because this mascara allows for a little bit of drama without too much volume, and I believe it’s about 26 dollars, so a little bit on the pricier side but I think it’s absolutely worth it. It comes in black and I believe it comes in a burgundy colour as well, and I don’t think it’s waterproof, or at least the one I have isn’t.

Volumizing mascara #1
maybelline the falsies mascara
I use the newest edition of this mascara which comes double sided, one side for the upper lashes and one side for the bottom lashes which comes with a smaller wand, and I’ve been loving using it recently.
since we’re getting into the colder months here in Canada I’m finding I really like going for a more smoky and sexy look with my makeup and the falsies makes my lashes look amazing to compliment whatever eye shadow look Im going for, and I think it’s about 10 dollars as well. It comes in a few different colours and waterproof or not waterproof, depends on your preference, I use the black waterproof one.
I do find sometimes it can be a little clumpy so I always make sure I don’t have ANY left-over mascara on from the day before and I always curl my lashes beforehand because I don’t often wear actual false lashes. I like to use this on days I’m feeling like I want to look a little more glamorous! And I can definitely seeing myself using this a lot more as we’re getting into the holiday season what with parties and fancy dinners and things (I also just feel that the holidays are a time where you can look glamorous whenever you want)

Volumizing mascara #2
Clinique high impact extreme volume mascara
The name is very long but also verrrry accurate. This is probably the most volumizing/dramatic mascara that I own and I absolutely love it. It gives my lashes an intense and full look without looking like I put on the whole bottle. It doesn’t flake or have any drop down if I’m wearing it on a night out or if I’m going dancing with my girlfriends, it stays put which is exactly what a girl needs on a night out! The wand is made of a stiff plastic with tons of tiny little bristles, and I find I only need to put on a couple of coats of this on my top and bottom lashes to achieve the effect I want. I believe it costs about 23 dollars, but it comes in a very large tube, I’ve had mine about 6 months and it still hasn’t dried out or anything so I think it was a good investment to make. It only comes in one colour and it’s not waterproof so it’s super easy to get off at the end of the day/night which is a bonus, because there’s nothing worse than rubbing your eyes for 10 minutes to get your mascara off!

These are my top 4 mascaras for every day or for volume, I would love to hear some of your favourites so leave a comment and let me know! I hope this helped you guys if you’re looking for a new mascara or you just wanted a little pick me up for your lashes.
Until next time

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