Music Monday

Today was a one of the first Monday’s in I don’t know how long where I haven’t woken up dreading the day, today is the first day of my last week of college! So to celebrate this wonderful fact, I have been listening to a band that always puts a smile on my face because of their cheerful and optomistic sound! Bedouin Soundclash!
This Canadian band have been friends since they met at Queens University in Kingston, Ont. We all know their main hits and how catchy they are! but I love all of their albums, their debut album Root Fire is probably my favourite. They have such a hopeful sound, sort of a mix of reggae and pop and a little bit ska.
Their sound always puts a smile on my face and this week I feel like I will be listening to a lot of them! So if you dont know much Bedouin I would absolutely suggest giving them a listen because they provide a wonderful pick me up! 🙂

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