whimsical wednesday

Todays post is going to be a little different, because I’ve been having one of those days where I’m just feeling really low and it’s a bummer. So I decided for my whimsical wednesday post I would do the top five things I do when I’m having a crappy day to make me happy and maybe if you’re reading this and you’re having a bad day, or happen to have one in the future, my top five things to make me happy will inspire you to do something that will brighten your bad day.

Number one: As terrible and materialistic as it sounds, my favourite thing to do on a bad day is shop. Sometimes this back fires and I end up feeling worse because clothes don’t fit right and what not, but most of the time if I go and even just walk around some shops it gives me ideas for gifts, or inspires me to create a new outfit with the clothes I already have or I’ll buy a couple of things and create a new outfit that way. And lets be real, buying new stuff always feels really nice, whether if be for you or a gift.
Number two: Listen to music. When I’m having a crappy day I like to listen to music that makes me happy, which can be anything from The Beatles to Shania Twain. This makes me happy because I can think back to a fun time I had while listening to that music, or just the beat can make me smile and feel good. Typically I will avoid sad music like Coldplay or City and Colour because that just gets me even more down.
Number three: Do something nice for someone else, even if it’s just holding the door for someone, or helping out one of my roommates with an assignment. Doing something nice for someone else makes me feel better about myself and also gives me hope that good things come back around, you know, karma and what not. I also like to help people because maybe they’re having a bad day too, and my kindness will make their day better, even if just for a second.
number four: Bake. I love to bake! and I find it very relaxing and therapeutic, so when I make something that comes out looking beautiful and tasting great I feel like i’ve accomplished something lovely that I can then share with other people (Number three!). And sweet treats make everyone a little happier I think.
Number five: Cuddle up with a cup of tea and a book or a movie. Sometimes, all the other 4 things just aren’t working for me, so I make a big cup of tea and watch a good movie or read a book because sometimes you just need to escape to a different world, even if just for an hour. I’ll pick up whatever book I’m reading and get lost, and I love to read so I do find this gets my mind off whatever was bothering me and gets me excited about the story line of the book I’m reading or movie I’m watching. Normally on these days I’ll put on one of my favourite movies like Lord Of The Rings or High Fidelity or something that I know I enjoy and escape in.

So there you have it, I hope this inspires some of you to brighten a bad day, and it was nice to be able to share it with you all.

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