Music monday!

Hi everyone! again, so sorry about the lack of blogging, but being a student can be quite busy and I’ve had a lot of work and assignments due in the passed couple of weeks!
The weather here in London has been pretty awful which I find can get me down when it’s dark and gloomy for more than a couple of days, so to get me in a happy and cheerful mood I have been listening to a lot of Jack Johnson lately!
Jack Johnson is a musician from Hawaii which is really reflected in his music. It has a great islandy, happy, summery sound which I find can make me smile on the gloomiest of days.
I saw him live in Barrie, Ont a few years ago at an outdoor concert and it was absolutely unbelievable! he had a great connection with the audience and amazing stage presence, he also sounds pretty much the exact same live as he does on his albums. I’ve been to a few shows where I was disappointed with the difference between the artist recorded and the artist live, but there were absolutely no disappointments at this show!
Currently he has 5 albums out and all of them are great, I’d have to say my favourite is In Between Dreams, but his newest album To The Sea is great as well.
He did the whole sound track to the film curious george which is also a really happy, sunshiney album composed of sing-a-longs and lullabies.
Jack Johnsons record label (Brushfire Records) built a sustainable record studio which they called brushfire Eco studios, which was created with things like solar panels, wall instulations from 100% post consumer waste, recycled shingles and a duro-last green roof, which I think is absolutely fanstastic, especially being a horticulture student.
His label includes people like Matt Costa and G.Love, who are also great artists with similar, mellow sound.
If you haven’t already heard Jack Johnson, or just want something new and lovely to listen to on a gloomy day, I would absolutely suggest him because his music never fails to put a smile on my face and make me think of sunshine and camping and frisbee and the wonderful times I’ve had during the summer months with all the beautiful people in my life.

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