tea tuesday!

Good evening!
We had a wonderful taste of spring here in London over the weekend, Sunday the temperature hit 14 degrees and I was loving the feeling of spring! Today however it is snowing and awful and cold outside, so to get the feeling of spring back in my life I’ve been enjoying a tea from David’s tea spring line called pink flamingo
This tea makes me think of spring just with the smell of it, it smells like grapefruit and lemon. It’s taste is absolutely wonderful and fresh with hibiscus, apple, carrot, blackberry, lemon grass tangerine and orange, and it is an herbal tea so it is completely caffeine free so you can enjoy it later in the evening without fear of being kept awake, although I had a cup this morning and found that the smell of citrus did wake up my senses!
I’ve been enjoying it as a hot tea, but I am positive this will be absolutely lovely as an iced tea once the spring weather comes for good.
Pink flamingo is sweet but it also has a great citrus taste behind the sweetness which makes it comforting and puts the thought of spring weather and sunshine in my mind, which puts a smile on my face, especially in the terrible weather we’ve had today.
If you’re looking for a great, fruity tasting tea to get you in the mood for tea, stop by David’s tea and get a cup of pink flamingo!

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