music monday

A few weeks ago I went to C’est What on Front Street in Toronto to watch my cousin Patrick play a show with his band The Gypsy Ghosts
Now, I am slightly bias but they are realllly good! their sound is so hard to describe, they’re a little bit blue grass, a little soul and a bit of an islandy vibe.
you can listen to their music at :

I really enjoyed the show, not only because it’s so amazing getting to watch someone I love play the music that they love and have passion for, but the band as a whole they have such an unreal stage presence! As they played I watched the people in the venue who weren’t even there to see the show start to jam! which is such an incredible feeling as a family member of someone in the band but I can only IMAGINE the kind of boost that gives them as musicians!
They were really good about interacting with us as a crowd aswell, all in all it was just a really enjoyable show for everyone in the place!
I am so incredibly proud of my cousin and I really hope they become as successful as they want to be.

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